Infinitode 2

Time played: 21 days 3 hours 34 minutes
Last 2 weeks: 19 hours 14 minutes

Earned Achievements

Art of persuasion
Ash generator
Basically rich
Get 1,000,000 Green Papers
Battlefield architect
Build a map with 100 tiles
Beginnings ended
Get 3 stars on first 8 levels of Stage 2
Bullet storm
Crazy battlefield architect
Build a map with 500 tiles
Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V
Denouement approached
Get 3 stars on first 8 levels of Stage 5
Evolvement performed
Get 3 stars on first 8 levels of Stage 4
Explosive bullets
Light show
Mad scientist
Complete all of the regular research
Get 1,000,000+ score in one game
New acquaintances
Meet every enemy type
No boss in sight
Kill any boss in less than 3 seconds
On the wave
Reach wave 300 on any level
Sell any map or reset quests for Prestige
Resistance overcame
Get 3 stars on first 8 levels of Stage 3
Responsibilities taken
Get 3 stars on first 8 levels of Stage 1
Rising scholar
Do 500 different research
Seven numbers
Kill 1,000,000 enemies
Snowball combo
Space efficient
Step back
Thorny chain
Tower defense 101
Complete all of the tutorials

Unearned Achievements

Death from the sky
Eight numbers
Kill 10,000,000 enemies
Eye protection required
Mass production
Minefield walk
Offhand shooting
Rocket rain
Spiders on my side
Stunning shot
That's a lot of damage
Build 1,000,000 MDPS on any level
Tightly packed rainbow
Trophy hunter
Unlock all of the trophies
Worth of dozen
Wow, this blew up
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