Nova Drift

Time played: 7 hours 17 minutes
Last 2 weeks: 0 minutes

Earned Achievements

Shouldn’t Have Been Standing There
Penetrate 20 or more targets with one Railgun projectile

Unearned Achievements

A Bold Strategy
Trigger Retribution without being damaged by an enemy or hazard
Bullet Sponge
End a game having sustained 12,000 total damage from any source
Divide by Zero
Trigger 40 or more Warp Shield explosions at once
Filled with Determination
Score 200,000 points under the effects of Last Stand
Gaze Into the Abyss
Discover The Void: Exhaust the random mod pool
I Regret Everything
With Omnishield, die with your shields protecting your hull
Ludicrous Speed
Deal at least 25,000 crash damage in one hit
Missile Massacre
Fire Salvo with at least 300 missiles in reserve
No, You
Reflect an enemy projectile with your Blade Drone
Planet Buster
Deal over 30,000 damage in one hit
Pure of Mod and Body
Finish a game scoring at least 200,000 points while possessing Ataraxia and at most 7 other mods
Secret Weapon
Convert Reflexive Shields into a rapid-fire weapon
Shock and Awe
Make Discharge your primary weapon
Sonic Rainboom
Self-trigger Volatile Shields with Celestial Lance while under the effects of a Hyper Boost power-up
The Best Defense
Using the Architect, self-destruct your Bastion Shield triggering Volatile Shields, Self Destruction, and Tempest Break
This is Fine
End a game having sustained 6,000 or more damage from Dying Star
Turbo Tortoise
Achieve a Bastion assembly time of 3.5 seconds or less
Volatile Projectile
Trigger Volatile Shields on a Blade Drone
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