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Neon Abyss

Time played: 3 hours 22 minutes

Earned Achievements

First Blood
Death is another beginning.
First Light
Defeat God of Darknet.
Natural Products
Defeat God of Machines.

Unearned Achievements

Abyss Veteran
Entered the abyss for the 999th times.
Action Supremacist
Defeat Argus without picking up any items.
Born Gambler
Played the Roulette machine 99 times.
Bug Squisher
Stepped on worms 999 times.
Burning Ground
Jumped 9999 times.
Dark trade
Made deals with Smirk Co. 99 times.
Demolition Expert
Found 99 secret rooms.
Don't Panic
Get killed by your bombs.
Fishing Joy
Fished 10 times in fishing room.
Grim Squad
Unlock 6 Characters.
Hi Death!
Died in the Abyss 99 times.
I believe I can fly
Jump in the air for 10 times before landing.
I'm Fine
Complete a run without picking up any hearts.
Key Master
Opened 999 locked chests.
Mind Your Steps
Get killed by environment damage 9 times.
Mom's Love
Successfully hatch eggs 5 times in a row.
Piano Virtuoso
Completes the Piano challenge 10 times.
Pro Gamer
Defeat God of Machines without getting hurt.
Rugged Tenacity
Acquire 10 heart containers in a single run.
Sad Eggs
Failed to hatch eggs 5 times in a row.
Safety First
Complete a run without losing any hearts.
Saturday Night Fever
Seek the Truth
Defeat Goddess of Illusion.
Found 5 secret rooms in a row.
Shields Up!
Acquire 10 shields in a single run.
Shopping Maniac
Empty 4 shops in a single run.
Defeat the God of Electricity.
Sovereign of Eggs
Get 50 eggs in a single run.
Stay Clam
Defeat God of Violence.
The Real Game
Ultimate Challenge Media Player