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Forsaken Remastered

Time played: 2 hours 20 minutes

Earned Achievements

Bounty - Cerbero
Defeat Cerbero
Bounty - Nutta
Defeat Nutta
Bounty - Rex Hardy
Defeat Rex Hardy

Unearned Achievements

Balls of Steel
Max out on orbital pulsars
Bounty - Beard
Defeat Beard
Bounty - Cuvel Clark
Defeat Cuvel Clark
Bounty - Ex Cop
Defeat Ex Cop
Bounty - Flygirl
Defeat Flygirl
Bounty - Foetoid
Defeat Foetoid
Bounty - HK5
Defeat HK5
Bounty - Jo
Defeat Jo
Bounty - LA Jay
Defeat LA Jay
Bounty - Lokasenna
Defeat Lokasenna
Bounty - Mofisto
Defeat Mofisto
Bounty - Nim Soo
Defeat Nim Soo
Bounty - Nubia
Defeat Nubia
Bounty - Sceptre
Defeat Sceptre
Bounty - Slick
Defeat Slick
Death to the invader
Defeat the Ramqan
Defeat the Exogenon
Unlock and complete all bonus levels in the single player campaign
In the flesh
Defeat the Fleshmorph
In the name of science
Defeat the Maldroid
Not a stupid blue alien
Defeat the Avatar
Surprisingly Impossible
Complete single player mission 'Fishy' on Total Mayhem without losing a life
The whole gang is here
Unlock all playable characters
Treasure Hunter
Discover all secret areas in a single player campaign
Why can't I hold all these crystals?
Collect all crystals in a single player campaign Media Player