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Next Up Hero

Time played: 7 days 5 hours 16 minutes

Earned Achievements

All Crazy n Stuff
Successfully complete a Mayhem Level
Community Continuer!
Participate in a Venture which gets completed with at least 500 levels
Drum Circle
Everyone's doing it
Have your Hero Die
Full Squad
Raise up 15 Echoes in a single level
Hero Up!
Raise 10 of the same House Echoes in a single level
Hey, Its you!
Raise up the Echo of a Registered Streamer
I got this
Successfully complete a Single Enemy encounter!
I got your back
Control an Echo while Spectating
I need help!
Summon 4 Ancients on a single level
Successfully complete a Time Limit Trial Level!
Let the Buckles hit the floor
Defeat 100 Buckles
Choose to Extend a Venture
Mix n' Match
Unlock 35 Abilities
Next up, Superstar!
Complete 5 straight levels without dying on a single playthrough
Unlock 9 Prestige Characters
Spin the Happy Wheel
Invest enough Prestige to trigger a random Rare Enemy while Starting a Game Venture
Summon 8 Unique Ancients
That wasn't so bad
Participate in a completed Long length Venture
The Other Side
Defeat 100 Dark Heroes
The Shield, how does it spin?
They call me "Dangerline"
Participate in a completed Epic length Venture
Trial of the Champion
Complete a Venture with a 'S' Rank
Venture Complete!
Choose to Kill a Boss
Who's afraid of the dark?
Successfully navigate a Darkness Level!

Unearned Achievements

Eating the cup of drink Media Player