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Time played: 11 hours 5 minutes

Earned Achievements

Bard Kicker!
Bat Annihilator
Bat Eradicator
Blot Out the Sun
Bolt from the Blue
Broken Dreams
City Savior
Crushing Stompy
Dark Side of the Moon
Dash x10!!!
Dash x20!!!
Dash x30!!!
Dash x5!!!
Defeated the Troll
Jump x10!!!
Jump x100!!!!!!
Jump x20!!!
Jump x30!!!
Jump x40!!!
Jump x50!!!
Lightbulb Charge x3!
Lightbulb Charge!
Lightning Chain
Lightning Launcher
Lightning Power x10!!!
Lightning Power x100!!!
Lightning Power x20!!!
Lightning Power x30!!!
Lightning Power x40!!!
Lightning Power x5!!!
Lightning Power x50!!!
Lightning Power!!!
Lightning Strike x100!!!
Lightning Strike x15!!!
Lightning Strike x25!!!
Lightning Strike x50!!!
Lightning Strike x7!!!
Lightning Strike!!!
Lightning Sword
Mega Lightbulb Charger!
Out of Order
Pulverizing Stompy
Reflection x10!!!
Reflection x20!!!
Reflection x3!!!
Reflection x30!!!
Refugee Rescue
Scourge of the Ruins
Slow Clap
Spinny Assassin
Spinny Killer
Stomping Stompy
Super Lightbulb Charger!
Super Lightning Chain
Super Lightning Sword
The End
The Owl
Ultimate Bard Kicker!
Ultimate Lightbulb Charger!!!

Unearned Achievements

Mega Lightning Sword
Owl Extinction
Spinny Annihilator
Spinny Predator
Stompy Annihilator
Ultimate Lightning Chain
Ultimate Lightning Sword
Windmill Media Player