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Manifold Garden

Time played: 8 hours 2 minutes

Earned Achievements

A Walk on the Dark Side
A Whole World in Your Hands
Blue Complete
Complete the Blue Level
Collect the Rainbow
Complete the Rainbow Level
Color Change
Change the Color of a Cube
Discover Hydroenergy
Power on a Water Wheel
Final Countdown
Open the Final Door
Green Complete
Complete the Green Level
Let There Be Darkness
Non-Euclidean Fluid Mechanics
Redirect Water Through a Portal
Orange Complete
Complete the Orange Level
Plant a Seed
Grow a Tree
Purple Complete
Complete the Purple Level
Red Complete
Complete the Red Level
Thinking With Portals
See the Ending
Tree Tree Evolution
Grow a Double Gravity Tree
Trust Fall
Fall from a Great Height
Redirect Water Using a Cube
Witness a Laser
Activate a Laser Beam
Yellow Complete
Complete the Yellow Level

Unearned Achievements

Honey, I Shrunk Myself
The Game is Not Enough
Complete the Game Without Placing a Single God Cube
What does it all mean?
Earn Every Achievement Media Player