Time played: 42 days 19 hours 4 minutes
Last 2 weeks: 46 minutes

Earned Achievements

A Real Challenge
Score 100,000 in Challenge Mode on Hotshot
A Winner Is You
Win 25 matches in Multiplayer (matchmaking, team or anarchy)
Are You Insane?
Score 100,000 in Challenge Mode on Ace
Awesome Aggression
Get 100 kills in Challenge Mode Countdown (Hotshot or harder)
Bright Light! Bright Light!
Demo Derby
Destroyer of Souls
Get 1000 kills in Multiplayer
Down by 40
Kill every operator on Ymir Outpost
Embrace the Darkness
Complete Phoebe Refinery without using the Headlights or Flare
Flyin' Solo
Fully Loaded
Goblin King
Goliath Goes Down
Hotshot Pilot
Finish the Cronus mission on Hotshot
Infinite Forever
Get 100 Challenge Mode Infinite kills on every level (Rookie or harder)
Just Practicing
Killing Spree
Get 20 consecutive Challenge Mode kills without taking damage
Lost and Found
Give the Hologuide a command in 5 different Cronus mission levels
Master of None
Get a kill with every weapon and missile in Multiplayer
Missile Phobia
Nearly Impossible
Get 100 Challenge Mode kills on Insane
No Dead Cats
No Stone Unturned
Find every secret in the Cronus mission
No Time to Save
Finish the Cronus mission in under 3 hours of playtime without saving
Not Bad
Score 100,000 in Challenge Mode on Rookie
Omega Man
Get 40 kills in each secret level in the Cronus mission
One Hand Tied
One Small Step
Complete the training mission
Complete the Cronus mission without using the Hologuide at all
Die 1000 times in Multiplayer
Ready for Action
Finish 10 matches in Multiplayer (matchmaking)
Rear View
Finish a Cronus level flying only backwards (no sliding or forward movement)
Rescue Ranger
Recover every cryotube in the Cronus mission
Restricted Mode
Destroy 1000 operators
Run or Die
Survive to the end of Countdown (Ace or harder)
Such Wonderful Toys
Taurus Tumbles
Terminal Velocity
The Big Bang
The Kulas
Third Street
Get 500 Challenge Mode kills on Rookie
Score 50,000 and survive to the end of all Challenge Mode Countdown levels (Rookie or harder)
Destroy every operator in a Lockdown without taking damage (Rookie or harder)

Unearned Achievements

Ace Pilot
Finish the Cronus mission on Ace
Double Dipper
Finish New Game+ (Ace or harder)
Insane Pilot
Finish the Cronus mission on Insane
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