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Wizard of Legend

Time played: 1 hours 4 minutes

Earned Achievements

Forward to the Past
Complete the Tutorial

Unearned Achievements

All the Things!
Unlock 99 relics
Best Friends Forever
Enter the Chaos Trials in co-op mode
Breaking the Ice
Defeat Frost Queen Freiya
Danger is My Middle Name
Hold 4 cursed relics
Feel the Burn
Defeat Flame Empress Zeal
Flawless Victory
Defeat a boss without taking damage
Gotta Go Fast
Clear the Chaos Trials in 25 minutes
Happy Birthday
Defeat Taffy 5 times
Heart of the Cards
Unlock 99 arcana
I Make This Look Good
Unlock 9 outfits
Destroy 99 paintings during the Chaos Trials
Indie Collector
Unlock 50 relics
Ordered Chaos
Unlock 3 chaos arcana
Party like a Rock Star
Defeat Earth Lord Atlas
The Turn
Unlock 50 arcana
Truly Outrageous
Hold 999 chaos gems at one time
Land a 50 hit combo on any boss
Wizard of Legend
Defeat Master Sura Media Player