Time played: 12 days 1 hour 3 minutes
Last 2 weeks: 0 minutes

Earned Achievements

All Are Lost Who Enter Here
Awoken Mind
Beat the game.
Bold Traveler
Bullet Time
Kill a boss while under the effects of a Hot Blood potion.
Bursting With Life
Have 20 or more organs at one time.
Cosmic Explorer
Find at least 140 unique items.
Cosmic Master
Unlock all other achievements.
Cosmic Researcher
Unlock at least 70 bestiary entries.
Day Well Spent
Play the game for a combined total of 24 hours.
Dirty Work
Gamble with the Merchant as Scar.
Don't Forget Your Hat
Escape a level after time has run out.
Beat the game without picking up a weapon item.
Four Eyes
Collect three eye organs as the Eye.
Get Inside Me Satan
Turn into a Demon as the Priest.
Greed Sustains Me
Find 500 gold in one run.
Hardly Thinking
Kill a boss while under the effects of an Introspection potion.
Hurt Me More!
Die 100 times.
Beat the game without picking up a grimoire item.
Impenetrable Spirit
Beat a level without taking damage.
Invulnerable Soul
Beat the game without taking damage.
King Bones
Beat the game as the Skeleton King.
Living On the Edge
Finish a boss fight with only one health remaining.
Maze Runner
Noob Lord
Die in the first minute of gameplay.
Party Time!
Unlock all playable characters.
Power Overwhelming
Beat the game at maximum Desecration.
Reason Guides Me
Drink 10 potions as the Scientist.
Rise From Your Graves!
Resurrect 30 or more enemies with a single Awaken potion.
Seek and Ye Shall Find
Find and equip 5 different grimoires in a single game as the Seeker.
Stone Soup
Beat the game as the Embalmer.
Beat the game twice sequentially.
Swamp Thing
The End of All Things
The Knowing Void
Teleport 20 times in one game as the Starcreep.
The Roushey Award
Die at Depth 1 as the Embalmer.
Touch the Demon Inside Me
Find a Demon or Horror aspect stone.
Unleash Your Ego
Punch the final boss as the Brawler.
Using Your Head
Kill an Elite enemy after time runs out in a level.


Deathstate is a single stick shooter roguelike. I speedrun this game and hold several of its world records. You can see various runs of the game in this playlist. Also, check out my World Record runs.
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