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Time played: 1 hours 39 minutes

Earned Achievements

A Rising Star!
Finish a race in 1st position in single player.
Fast Not Furious!
Finish a speedlap race in 1st position in single player.
Head of the Pack
Finish an elimination race in 1st position in single player.
I'm a Rocket Man!
Destroy another craft with an Energy Bolt.
Last Man Standing
Finish an endurance race in 1st position in single player.
Pack Leader
Stay in 1st place for a full lap in a 10 player event.
So you're that guy...
Collide with every other craft in a 10 player event.

Unearned Achievements

Breaking the Bank
Earn 50000 Tech Credits.
Bringing Home the Bread
Earn 20000 Tech Credits.
Creator < Me
Beat one of the developers or another player who has this achievement in a multiplayer race.
Destroy 5 other crafts in a single race.
Electric Avenue
Discharge 200 shockwaves.
Formula Solved
Unlock every other achievement in Formula Fusion.
Full Metal Contact
Destroy another craft by ramming it.
Travel the total distance equivalent to flying around the world!
Hat Trick
Win 3 races in a row.
Is That You Purdisc?
Be lapped by another pilot.
Just Getting Started
Earn 5000 Tech Credits.
Locked On
Successfully fire and hit 100 energy bolts.
Marathon Runner
Complete 50 (or more) laps in a single race.
Mined Craft!
Destroy another craft with a Mine.
Successfully fire and hit 1000 Gauss Cannon rounds.
Complete a perfect lap on any track.
Spend 10 minutes cloaked.
Salt & Peppered
Destroy another craft with the Gauss Cannon
Slow & Steady
Complete a full lap on any track without hitting a single boost pad.
Sonic Boom
Reach 1260 kmh
Space Race
Travel a total distance equivalent to Medium Earth Orbit.
The 1%
Achieve Gold medals in every event in the United Trans-American States race season.
Training Wheels
Die 3 times in a single race.
Vengeful Pilot
Destroy a craft that destroyed you earlier in the same race.
Waka Waka!
'Collect' 3 mines in a single race.
World Star!
Complete the United Trans-American States race season. Media Player