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Time played: 51 minutes

Earned Achievements

Minion Mayhem
100 Minions killed.

Unearned Achievements

20 to 1
Kill enemy gods more than 20 times in a single match, and only die once.
3 for 3
As Chiron get a triple kill while in your ultimate, Centaurus.
As Morrigan hit 3 enemy gods at the same time with her Deadly Aspects ability.
A Mighty Sword
As Ao Kuang execute an enemy God who's been ulted by Khepri.
Adept of Mastery
40 Gods Mastered.
After Effect
Kill an enemy god after they had already killed you.
All About the Conquest
25 Normal Conquest matches played.
As Arachne, have your broodlings deliver the killing blow to an enemy.
Aren't You a Tank?
As Sobek use all four of your abilities to kill an enemy within 10 seconds.
Argus to the Rescue!
As Hera, have Argus get 2 kills in a single lifetime.
Around the World
As Mercury travel 75,000 feet in a single game.
Arrow to the Knee
As Neith, root three or more enemy gods with one Spirit Arrow.
Art of War
5 Mastered Warriors.
Assassin for Hire
5 Mastered Assassins.
As Loki kill three or more enemy gods from behind.
As Ullr land 20 axe stuns in a single match.
Baby Smash
As Vamana get a triple kill using your Colossal Fury Ability.
Back at Ya
As Nemesis kill an enemy using the damage reflect from Retribution.
As Freya banish three or more enemy gods with a single use of Banish.
Bat out of Hell
As Camazotz hit 3 gods with a single swoop of his Bat out of Hell Ability.
Beast Master
Summon 20 Siege Monsters in Siege Mode.
Beast Slayer
Get the killing blow on an enemy Siege Monster in Siege Mode.
As Cu Chulainn transform into Berserk mode by hitting at least 2 gods with the Spear of Mortal Pain Ability.
Bird Bomb
As Odin kill fifteen enemies in a single match using Ravenshout and Lunge together.
Bless You All
As Terra activate Terra’s Blessing and buff all 5 members of your team in a single cast
As Hades apply Blight on your enemies to augment all four of your abilities in one game.
Blood and Sand
25 Arena matches played.
Get 10 first blood accolades in qualifying matches.
Book of Demons
As Zhong Kui stun three or more enemy gods with Book of Demons.
Bottoms Up
As Bacchus keep your Drunk-o-meter in smashed for Five minutes.
Bounty Hunter
As Kali kill five Gods in one match that are Marked for Death by your Passive.
As Ullr land 20 hail of arrows in a single match.
Bringing Down the Law
As Tyr kill fifteen enemy gods with the damage from Lawbringer.
Brush With Death
As Baron Samedi, heal yourself or an ally with Consign Spirits while they are below 5% of their HP.
Cage Match
As Odin kill four enemies in the The Ring of Spears.
Calm Before the Storm
As Susano pull three or more enemies with a single use of Wind Siphon.
Can't Stop This
50 Killing Sprees.
Cat Scratch
As Bastet deliver the killing blow to an enemy God in a single match with the damage from your Cats.
As Geb hit three or more enemy gods with Cataclysm.
As Guan Yu, stun three or more enemy gods at once with your Cavalry Charge Ability in a single match.
Clay Explosion
As Nu Wa kill an enemy god by exploding Clay Soldiers with Shining Metal.
Cleansed Your Soul
As Hel cleanse three of your teammates from being stunned.
Cleanup Crew
Kill 3 enemy gods with a single ability.
Combo Breaker
Shut down 10 Killing Sprees.
Come Back
Win a match where your team had 4000 less combined gold than the enemy team.
Corpses aka Landmines
As Ah Puch blow up and hit an enemy with 6 corpses in one cast of Corpse Explosion.
As Serqet have all three strikes of Death Bane be critical hits.
Curse of Discord
As Discordia, use your Golden Apple of Discord ability to throw the apple to an enemy and have it spread automatically to 2 other enemies in a single cast.
Death from Above
Killed 25 gods from damage dealt by landing from a leap.
Death's Call
As Izanami kill an enemy god while at or below 25% health.
Defend Olympus
As Athena get a kill with the damage from Defender of Olympus
Destroy an enemy tower in Conquest, Clash, or Siege before 8:00 on the in-game clock.
As Zeus kill three or more enemy gods who have three charges on them with Detonate.
Diamonds Are Forever
1 god at Mastery 10.
As Ah Muzen Cab, disarm an enemy god using bees.
As Sol kill one enemy god with the trail from Disapparate.
Double Edged Sword
Win a match where your team has killed twice as many gods as the enemy team.
Double Tap
Get 10 double kills in qualifying matches.
Down to the Wire
Win an Arena match where your team has only 20 tickets or less remaining.
Down, Set, Gut
As Kumbhakarna kill an enemy God by bouncing a minion into them using Throw Back.
Dragon’s Wrath
As KuKulkan kill an enemy at full health using only Spirit of the Nine Winds.
Dropkick Adventure
As Gilgamesh drop kick the same god into a minion, a god, a wall, and the Winds of Shamash wall in a single match.
Drown your Sorrows
As Charybdis, hit 3 enemy gods with a fully charged Capsize in the same fire.
Drums in the Distance
As Raijin hit an enemy at the max range in your Ultimate.
As Thor, land on three or more enemies at once with your Ultimate, Anvil of Dawn.
As Hercules knock an enemy up five times in a single match using Earthbreaker.
Elemental Mastery
As Merlin, kill an Enemy god in each stance: Arcane, Fire, and Ice.
Embrace the Darkness
As Nox use Siphon Dark and Shadowlock to deliver the killing blow to at least 3 enemies in one match.
End of Days
As Fenrir have an ally kill an enemy God that you have grabbed using Ragnarok.
Eternal Ruler
As Olorun, with a single ability use, kill two enemies within Sanctified Field
Everlasting Flame
As Pele, trigger Everlasting Flame and survive 3 separate times in one match.
Everybody Getting Tipsy
As Bacchus intoxicate three or more enemy Gods at once.
Eye of the Tiger
As Sun Wukong get fifteen tiger stuns in a single match.
Fabricated Destiny
As Olorun, reach the maximum critical hit chance possible with Touch of Fate
Face Me
As Athena Taunt three or more enemies with one confound.
Far Seeing Sight
As Heimdallr, hit an enemy with Piercing Sight after it has traveled more than 200 ft.
Fast Blood
You have earned First Blood in any game mode before 0:00 on the in-game clock.
100 god kills.
Fatally Struck!
As Achilles get 2 or more executes with a single use of his Fatal Strike Ability.
Fear My Evil
As Hun Batz use Fear No Evil to fear three or more enemy Gods.
Fear of the Night
As Chernobog utilize your Crystallized Curses and Vicious Barrage combo to root 3 enemy Gods at once.
Feel My Wrath
As Sylvanus knock up three or more enemy gods with your Wrath of Terra Ability.
Feel the Fury
Reach the maximum Attack Speed of 2.5 in a single match.
Feel the Rush
As Ravana kill ten enemies with the damage from your ultimate.
Fooled You
Get the killing blow on an enemy god using damage reflect.
Fortuitous Investment
As Danzaburou, fill up all 4 Dubious Savings money pouches in a single match.
Stun 15 enemy gods.
From All Angles
As Set, hit 3 different gods with your spawn with a single instance of Skewer
Full Moon
As Tsukuyomi dash through 12 targets using Piercing Moonlight.
Fury of the Desert
As Anhur kill three enemies with a single Desert Fury
Get Erupted!
As Pele, hit at least one enemy god with each ring of Eruption in a single ability use.
Get Over Here
As Awilix pull a knocked up enemy god to you using Gravity Surge.
Get Plucked
As Sobek pluck fifteen Enemy Gods with Charge Prey in a single match.
Get to Work
As Fafnir boost all of your allies Power and Attack Speed in a single match using Coerce.
Go My Friend
As Raijin do damage to three or more enemies with his minion Raiju.
Good Game
Complete a match with 5 or more Kills, 10 or more Assists, and 2 or fewer Deaths.
Got Nuts?
As Ratatoskr stun three or more opponents at once with Acorn Blast.
Got You!
As Scylla use Sic'em to root three enemy gods.
Grasping Vines
As Persephone, trap the entire enemy team with one use of her Grasp of Death ability.
As Neith, kill an enemy god with the damage from Back Flip.
Hard Carry
You killed more than 20 enemy gods in a single Conquest match.
Hat Trick
5 Triple Kills.
Heads Up!
As Jing Wei kill an enemy god within 5 seconds after using your passive.
Heals for Days
Healed gods other than yourself for more than 10,000 health.
Hello, is this Storm?
As Chaac hit three or more enemy gods at once with Storm Call.
Helping Hand
100 Assists on a god kill.
How Sweet
As Ah Muzen Cab, pick up 5 stingers in a single match.
I Like to Juggle
As Tyr use Powercleave and Fearless together to juggle three or more enemy gods.
I Will Find Them!
Destroy 25 enemy wards.
I'll Protect You
As Geb cleanse a teammate using Stone Shield on an ally that is below 20% health.
I'm a Pro
As Rama, kill two enemy gods while in your Ultimate.
Ice isn't Nice
As Skadi catch 3 or more enemy Gods on Permafrost.
Infused with Power
As Merlin, successfully hit Enemy gods 15 times with a basic attack while Overload is active.
As Artio reach full stacks on her Invigoration, the passive effect of her Shape shift ability.
It's a Trap!
As Artemis cripple twenty five enemy gods with Transgressors Fate.
It's So Dark
As Xbalanque kill an enemy who is currently blinded by your Ultimate
It's Spreading
As Serqet kill an opponent with your Last Breath Poison and have it spread to two enemy gods.
Jade, Go!
As Chang'e send Jade to buy 10 Items in a single match.
Join the Hunt
5 Mastered Hunters.
Journey Through the Realms
As Heimdallr, kill 3 enemy gods by sending them through Muspelheim and Niflheim.
Jump! Jump!
You have leaped over 100 times with gods that have leaps.
Killer Wave
As He Bo kill three or more enemy gods with a single Crushing Wave.
Kiss me!
As Aphrodite apply your kiss to every God in the match. This includes allies and enemies.
Last Hit
Kill 20 minions by getting the last hit with a Basic Attack in a single match.
Last Man Standing
Be the only god left alive on either team in any 5v5 game mode.
Let's Hug
As Khepri abduct an enemy that is effected by solar flare five times in a single match.
Limit Them
Disarm or Silence 10 enemy gods.
Line Them Up
Hit 3 different enemy gods with a single ability.
Locked and Loaded
As Vulcan kill an enemy with your Ultimate at the Maximum Distance.
Look at Me!
As Medusa stun three or more enemy gods using Petrify.
Look out Below!
As Ratatoskr knockup three or more enemy gods at once with Through the Cosmos.
Love to Guard
5 Mastered Guardians.
Made You Look
As Loki get the killing blow on an enemy god with your Decoy.
Mage for Life
5 Mastered Mages.
Marks for Everyone!
As Chiron hit three or more enemy gods with Masterful Shot.
Master Assailant
25 Assault matches played.
Master At Arms
As Bellona kill an enemy after having hit them with each of your weapon stances.
Master Harvester
As Persephone, accumulate 150 Pomegranate Seeds over the course of a single match.
Mauled to Death
As Artio kill an enemy God in bear form with Maul Prey.
Maxed Out
Reach Level 30.
As Ares incinerate two gods in one match with Searing Flesh.
Mirror Match
As Morrigan transform into an enemy God and kill the God you transformed into.
Monkey Business
As Hun Batz teleport to an enemy God on the fourth bounce of Sacred Monkey.
As Xbalanque get a fully stacked passive before the fifteen minute mark in a game.
Mother of Monsters
As Tiamat, have each of your creature/pets assist on your player kills in a single match
Mounted Archery
As Hachiman, hit 5 enemy Gods with one use of his ultimate, Mounted Archery.
As Anubis stun 15 enemy gods using mummify in a single match.
Murderous Nature
As Daji, kill an enemy with your Trickster Spirit Ability.
My Chariot Awaits
As Apollo hit an enemy with every tick from Across The Sky
My Hips Don't Lie
As Chang'e evade an enemy ability using Moonlit Waltz that would have hit you for 500 damage or more.
My Lovely Lady Birds
As Aphrodite get the killing blow with the damage from your birds.
My Minion
As Bakasura eat 25 minions using eat minon in a single match.
My Offense is Dazzling
As Amaterasu hit three or more enemies with the final strike of your ultimate.
Narrow Escape
As Thoth use Evade and Punish to kill an enemy god while you are at 25% or lower HP.
Never Fear, Khepri's Here
As Khepri, save everyone on your team, including yourself, in one game.
No Scope
As Janus hit at least two enemy gods with your ultimate at max distance.
Number 1 Stunnah
As Hachiman, stun 2 enemy Gods with one use of his Iaijutsu Ability.
Objective Killer
Get 25 killing blows on map objectives in qualifying matches.
Objective Stealer
Deliver the killing blow on a map objective where enemies did more damage in a qualifying match.
Oh the Agony!
As Hades, land a single Pillar of Agony on 3 enemy gods affected with Blight.
As Ganesha silence 3 or more enemy Gods with a single cast of his Ohm ability.
Omi Mastery
As Yemoja, gain 3 extra Omi in a single match.
Completed a match with a god from all Pantheons.
As Rama, Cripple every enemy god in a single match using Rolling Assault.
Out of My Way
As Vamana knock up three or more enemies with Clear the Path.
As Ganesha give 1 or more kills to an allied God.
As Daji, pull 2 or more enemies into your Paolao with a single use of your Paolao Ability.
Path to Victory!
As Nike complete all three goals of Nike's passive "To Victory" within the first 20 minutes of a match.
Penta Kill
1 Penta Kill.
Get the killing blow on an enemy god without taking damage from them.
Pigging Out
As Cernunnos kill 1 enemy God who is currently polymorphed from your Wild Hunt Ability.
Power Devoured
As Morgan Le Fay, consume all five Empowered Blade Marks with a single cast of Consuming Power.
Precise Shot
Get a double kill where both kills were the result of ranged basic attacks.
Pretty Kitty
As Awilix kill an enemy God with the damage when you jump from Suku.
Primordial Queen
As Tiamat, defeat two enemies in each of her stances in a single match
Quadra Kill
1 Quadra Kill.
Questions Later
Dealt damage to every enemy player in Arena before any of them damaged you.
Quick Turn-In
As Gilgamesh complete the quest obtained at Level 5 while still Level 5.
Rally Here!
As Bellona kill 10 enemy gods with the damage from Eagle's Rally.
50 Towers destroyed.
As Chronos use your Rewind Ability while you're below 15% Health and return back to full health.
Reaper of Souls
As Thanatos silence 15 enemies out of their abilities.
Win a game after one of your Phoenixes was destroyed.
Reflect the Heavens
As Amaterasu fully charge her mirror in one second.
Release the Kraken!
As Poseidon hit three or more enemy gods with your ultimate.
Rend Away!
As Nike disarm 2 or more enemy Gods at the same time using her Rend.
As Hercules Use excavate to hit an enemy god twice, in one use, and kill them on the second hit.
Rise my Pretties
As Ah Puch release 100 Zombies in one match.
Rise of the Spawn
As Set, control 6 spawn at one time.
As Sylvanus root twenty enemy gods in a single game.
Royal Assault
As Hera, hit an enemy god will all 3 hits of Royal Assault.
Searing Steal
As Ra, use Searing Pain to steal the Fire Giant from your opponents.
Season's Shift
As Cernunnos kill 1 enemy God who is currently afflicted by Autumn Decay Debuff while Cernunnos is in a different stance from the Shifter of Seasons Ability.
As Apollo serenade at least three enemy gods at once.
Shattered Mind
As Cthulhu reach full stacks of Sanity Break in a single match.
Shattered Monolith
As Terra root 3 enemies with a single Shatter.
Shell Reflect
As Kuzenbo reflect back 280 damage in a single use of your Shell Spikes ability.
Shield Smash
As Cabrakan get max stacks on your Refraction Shield and stun an enemy god with it.
Siege Breaker
25 Siege matches played.
As Eset silence fifteen enemy gods in a single match.
Simply Stunning
As Osiris stun 3 different enemy gods with his tether in a single game.
Skill Shot
As Nu Wa get 100 kills with Fire Shards.
So Slippery
As Medusa deliver the killing blow to an enemy god using Lacerate.
So Steady
As He Bo have full stacks on Steady Flow for over 30 seconds.
Solar Blessing
As Ra, end a game with over 30,000 Player Healing.
Soul Expulsion
As Cerberus consume the soul of every enemy god in the game with the use of his Soul Expulsion Ability.
Speed Demon
As Mercury reach 600 movement speed.
Spread The Fun
As Baron Samedi, cause 3 enemy gods to be above 30 Hysteria at the same time.
Spread the Love
As Cupid heal each of your teammates by using Share the Love.
Spreading Strife
As Discordia, use the Strife ability to turn 2 enemy God's against each other 3 times in a single match.
Stay in the Circle
As Eset heal three or more allies and kill an enemy using Circle of Protection.
Stay There
As Kumbhakarna root three or more enemy Gods with one Groggy Strike.
As Cu Chulainn kill an enemy within 2 seconds of firing the Barbed Spear Ability and live.
Strength Drawn From Pain
As Morgan Le Fay, gain all five Empowered Blade Symbols to reach an empowered state five times in a single match.
As Artemis stun three or more enemy gods with Calydonian Boar in one deployment.
Stygian torment
As Cerberus hit every member of the enemy team with a single cast of your Stygian Torment ability.
Super Cheer
Win an Arena match with more than 100 tickets remaining.
As Sol hit an enemy with all 8 strikes of Supernova.
Survived more than 50 battles with less than 10% health.
Take That
As Fafnir slow or kill three or more enemy gods at a single time using Cursed Strength
Tectonic Stun
As Thor, stun three or more enemies at once using Tectonic Rift.
That Was Close
As Freya kill an enemy God using Valkyrie's Discretion while you are at 15% health or less.
That's a Spicy Meatball
As Vulcan kill an opponent with Backfire while they're knocked up in the air from Magma Bomb.
That's Far Enough!
Root or Cripple 15 enemy gods.
That's not Me
As Sun Wukong have your decoy deliver the final blow to an enemy.
The Afterlife Awaits You
As Osiris land the Ability Lord of the Afterlife on three or more enemy gods.
The Best Sake Merchant!
As Danzaburou, have 3 enemies taunted at the same time by Alluring Spirits.
The Butcher
As Bakasura get 3 kills on enemy gods with the damage from Butcher Blades.
The Cabin
As Baba Yaga, gain 50 stacks on your items in a single game, utilizing the power from your Cabin.
The Crowd Cheers!
As Achilles, heal 12 times in a single use of Radiant Glory.
The Crows Mark
As Hou Yi utilize Mark of the Crow to knock back, stun, and slow an enemy god in 5s.
The Destroyer
As Jormungandr, kill an enemy with your ultimate The World Serpent.
The Hands of Time
As Chronos get a kill with each quadrant in your passive, Wheel of Time.
The Heat!
As Agni stun three or more enemy gods with Noxious Fumes.
The Legend of Excalibur
As King Arthur, cast Excalibur's Fury and Sundering Strike within 10 seconds of each other.
The Monster Inside
As Charybdis, reset your Ultimate two or more times in a single use.
The Perfect Brew
As Baba Yaga, use a brewed potion that is 5 of the same type of ingredient.
The Power of the Heart
As Cupid Kill three or more gods with the damage from Heart Bomb.
The Protector King
As Horus, heal an Allied God below 15% health with Protector's Surge.
The Rage
As Xing Tian reach and stay at full stacks of smoldering rage for over 30 seconds.
The Slow Dance
As Chaac slow three or more enemy gods with Rain Dance
The Warriors Will
As Guan Yu, heal three or more of your teammates at once while your passive, Painless, is fully charged.
Those are my Protections
As Nemesis steal away 500 protections using Divine Judgement during a single match.
Those Fumes
As Agni get the killing blow with the damage from Combustion.
Tortoise Power
As Erlang Shen knock up 3 or more enemies using the turtle form of 72 Transformations.
Toxic Veins
As Jormungandr, fully charge Consuming Bellow and kill 2 enemies with it.
As Cabrakan keep an enemy stuck in a single Tremor for six seconds.
Trick Shot
As Hou Yi hit a different enemy god on all three bounces of one Ricochet.
Triple Treble
As Kuzenbo knock up an enemy god 3 times in a single use of your Watery Grave ability.
True Nightmare
As Chernobog, kill 2 gods after landing and buffed by Living Nightmare.
True Strike
As King Arthur, hit an enemy with any damaging ability while their protections are reduced by Twin Cleave.
Turbulent Waters
As Yemoja, deal damage to 3 or more enemies in a single use of River's Rebuke.
Two Chains? Nah, Five.
As Ares hit and pull five enemy gods at once with no escape.
Two for One
As Mulan, hit 2 enemies with all three strikes of Divine Mastery in a single ability use.
Two's a Crowd
As Ne Zha bounce Universe Ring Toss between two enemy gods, hitting each at least twice.
As Erlang Shen use 9 Turns Blessing to heal yourself while below 10% health.
Unleash the Beast
As Fenrir stun or kill at least three enemies with a single use of Unchained.
Up Against the Wall
As Anhur stun 10 opponents by impaling them into your Pillar.
Up You Go!
Knockup 15 enemy gods.
Use your Fists
Get the killing blow on an enemy god with a Basic Attack while playing a Guardian.
Valiant Jouster
25 Joust 3v3 matches played.
As Camazotz obtain the Vampirism Buff from his Vampire Bats Ability 6 times in a single match.
Wall of Death
As Thoth use a single Glyph of Pain to augment the Basic Attacks of at least 2 of your teammates to one tower or objective.
Watch it Bounce
As Zeus kill an enemy god on the fourth bounce of Chain Lightning.
Watch My Moves
As Ravana break out of a root using Overhead Kick
Watch This
As Ne Zha stun an enemy using Armiliary Sash and then ult them.
Watch Your Step
As Janus make your opponents fall through fifteen different portals in one match.
Watch your Step!
As Tsukuyomi, kill an enemy using the Caltrop damage from Silver Moon Caltrops.
Water Illusionist
As Ao Kuang kill an enemy with your water illusion.
Water Rises
As Poseidon keep your tide meter above 50% for more than a minute
Wave Dash
As Jing Wei use Agility after being knocked into the air by an enemy god.
Weapon Mastery S
As Mulan, win a match with all weapons fully mastered.
Weather the Storm
As Susano use a Basic Attack anytime while Storm Kata is activated.
What's In the Bag?
As Zhong Kui use Expose Evil and Exorcism to fully stack your Passive.
Where Am I?
As Anubis kill an enemy with Death Gaze from Behind a Wall
Where Did I Go?
As Nox remain inside an ally for 8 Seconds.
Where we dropping?
As Horus use 'To The Skies!' and take at least 3 allied gods with you.
Where You Going?
As Izanami max out Spectral Projection by getting a kill or assist on 2 enemies while they are slowed by it.
Where's My Kitties
As Bastet release 45 cats using your Ultimate in a single match.
Which Side are you On?
As Hel kill the same enemy twice with one kill coming from light stance and one coming from dark stance.
As KuKulkan kill three or more enemy gods with one Whirlwind
Whirlwind of Pain
As Xing Tian get an assist on three enemies within five seconds using his Ultimate.
Whisper of the Old Gods
As Cthulhu, drive each enemy god insane at least once during a single match.
Who let Kaldr out?
As Skadi kill 3 or more enemy gods in a match with Kaldr.
Why So Cold?
As Ymir, hit 50 basic attacks on enemy Gods who are affected by Frostbite.
Wrapped Up
As Arachne, successfully Stun 3 or more enemy gods in a match with cocoon.
Wrecking Ball
As Thanatos execute three or more enemies in a single match using hovering death.
Yes, I'm a Monster
As Scylla reset your Ultimate three or more times in a single use.
You Go Boom!
As Ymir, kill three enemy gods at once with your Ultimate, Shards of Ice.
You Thought You Had Me?
As Kali get two kills in a single match while using Destruction when you're under 10% health. Media Player