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Time played: 30 minutes

Earned Achievements

Confetti Everywhere
Acquire over 9000 points in a single game. But try not to break anything.
Hang Time
Clear a bouncy castle round by bouncing off the floor fewer than 6 times. You should play Bassketball!
Rite of Passage
Acquire the hero's cape. Finally, some clothing!
Snappy Dresser
Wear 3 hats in a single game. That's called a Hat Trick!

Unearned Achievements

Cool Fish
What a horrible night to have a sweet pair of sunglasses.
Invincible Defender
Complete Boss Rush mode. Talk about deja vu!
Survive 10 waves with a score of 0. Nothing like a game of Invasion Golf!
Party Hard!
Clear 10 consecutive waves wearing the Foam Dome. Now you're drinkin' like a fish!
Reckless Shopper
Clear 10 shop rounts within 2 seconds each in a single game. Don't look, just pick!
The Dead Sea
Amass a total of 53594 kills...give or take 52594.
True Defender
Defeat the final terror of the sea. No bigger fish to fry!
Tsundere Shark
With the lipstick equipped, smooch a shark. I'm just after the achievement - it's not like I like you or anything! Media Player