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Luna's Wandering Stars

Time played: 35 minutes

Earned Achievements

A Whole New Universe
Beat the first level
Expanded Horizons
Unlock a new Planet
Expert Bowler
Beat the final Mercury level
Mercury Master
Perfect all Mercury Levels
Moon Launcher
Complete all Mercury Levels
Practice Makes Perfect
Slow Down!
Collect an asteroid cloud

Unearned Achievements

2 Birds 1 Stone
Destroy two objects with a single laser. Nice shot!
Apocalypse Survivor
Beat the final Jupiter level
Black Hole Maze
Beat the final Neptune level
Certified Black Hole Creator
Complete all Neptune Levels
Conqueror of Uranus
Perfect all Uranus Levels
Curiosity Killed the Cat
Death by Black Hole
Destroy 25 different objects with a single black hole
Density Hero
Complete all Saturn Levels
Dwarf Planet Operator
Complete all Pluto Levels
Fast Gold
Get 4 Golds on Go Fast
Final Boss Defeated
Beat the final Pluto level
Galactic Explorer
Complete all Levels
Gold Digger
Collect 1/3 of all the gold
Golden Hero
Collect all of the gold!
Gravity Wizard
Complete all Earth Levels
Jupiter Champion
Perfect all Jupiter Levels
Labyrinth Cheater
Laser Engineer
Complete all Mars Levels
Laser Tactician
Beat the final Mars level
Mars Meister
Perfect all Mars Levels
Master of the Universe
100% the game
Mistakes Were Made
Destroy 5 Golds with lasers
Neptune Rockstar
Perfect all Neptune Levels
Not in My House
Perfect Gravity Shifting
Beat the final Earth level
Pluto Pro
Perfect all Pluto Levels
President of Earth
Perfect all Earth Levels
Ring Around Saturn
Beat the final Saturn level
Rocket Arena Champion
Beat the final Venus level
Rocket Scientist
Complete all Venus Levels
Saturn King
Perfect all Saturn Levels
Sharp Shooter
Snipe down 100 mines. Your shooting stats are maxed.
So Much Gold!
Collect 2/3 of all the gold
Space Debris Cleanup
Destroy a mine. You show them who's boss!
Space Director
Complete all Jupiter Levels
Speed Up!
Hit a boost
Get 4 Golds on Planetary Bowling.
Super Portal Bros
Beat the final Uranus level
Target Practice
Snipe 50 mines with your lasers. You've got a good aim!
The Most Difficult Challenge
Get 4 Golds on No Time to Explain
Venus Genius
Perfect all Venus Levels
Go very very fast
Walls of Death
Get destroyed by death walls 5 times
Wormhole Expert
Complete all Uranus Levels
Wormhole Traveler
You Monster! Media Player