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ShellShock Live

Time played: 1 hours 4 minutes

Unearned Achievements

Around the World
Land a shot that hits both side bumpers
Assassin Veteran
Win 25 Assassin rounds
Win an 8 player round as the Juggernaut
Big Winner
Win 5 rounds
Land 5 Bumper Skill Shots
Win a 16 player tournament
Survive 25 shots in Marksman
Call the Shots
Complete 45 missions
Charge Veteran
Win 25 Charge rounds
Play 20 rounds
Deathmatch Veteran
Win 25 Deathmatch rounds
Play 100 rounds
Dev Destroyer
Beat the dev (kChamp) OR beat a lv.100 who has the achievement
Play 500 rounds
Land 5 Portal Skill Shots
Double Damage
Land 5 Buff Skill Shots
Duty Calls
Complete 75 missions
Filthy Rich
Save up 250 Gears
Follow the Creed
Assassinate 250 enemy tanks
Following Orders
Complete 15 missions
Great Success
Win 20 rounds
Hit Man
Assassinate 50 enemy tanks
Juggernaut Veteran
Win 25 Juggernaut rounds
King of the Loot
Pick up 250 crates
Marksman Veteran
Win 25 Marksman rounds
Mass Murderer
Destroy 200 enemy tanks
Master of Geometry
Land 100 Bumper Skill Shots
Max Efficiency
Hit three enemies in one shot 10 times
Mr. X2
Land 100 Buff Skill Shots
Land 25 Buff Skill Shots
Deal 200+ damage in one shot
Attempt missions 100 times
Play 5 rounds
Points Veteran
Win 25 Points rounds
Rebound Veteran
Win 25 Rebound rounds
Land 25 Bumper Skill Shots
Rolling In It
Save up 1,000 Gears
Pick up 50 crates
Scrooge McTank
Save up 2,500 Gears
Serial Killer
Destroy 50 enemy tanks
Shoccer Veteran
Win 25 Shoccer rounds
Space-Time God
Land 100 Portal Skill Shots
Tank Genocide
Destroy 1,000 enemy tanks
The Cake is a Lie
Land 25 Portal Skill Shots
Triple Play
Land a shot that hits a bumper, a portal, and an X2
Triple Threat
Hit three enemies in one shot
Win 500 rounds
Twenty Birds
Hit two enemies in one shot 10 times
Two Birds
Hit two enemies in one shot
Two Hundred Birds
Hit two enemies in one shot 100 times
Ultimate Champion
Win 2,000 rounds
Ultimate Player
Play 2,000 rounds
Win 100 rounds
XP Acculumator
Earn 10,000 XP
XP Collector
Earn 100,000 XP
XP Grabber
Earn 1,000 XP
XP Hoarder
Earn 1,000,000 XP
Deal 300+ damage in one shot Media Player