Enter the Gungeon

Time played: 6 hours 59 minutes
Last 2 weeks: 0 minutes

Earned Achievements

Grate Hall
Gungeon Acolyte
Complete the Tutorial
I Knew Someone Would Do It

Unearned Achievements

Advanced Slayer
Defeat an Advanced Boss
Beast Master
Complete the game with Beast Mode on
Biggest Wallet
Carry a large amount of money at once
Cartographer's Assistant
Map the first Five Chambers for the lost adventurer
Case Closed
Castle Crasher
Clear the First Chamber 50 Times
Day Ruiner
Kill a boss after covering it with glitter
Deadliest Game
Demolition Man
Kill a frozen enemy by rolling into it
Double Jeopardy
Dungeon Diver
Clear the Second Chamber 40 Times
Clear the Fifth Chamber 10 Times
Going Down
Open the shortcut to the Second Chamber
Going Downer
Open the shortcut to the Third Chamber
Going Downest
Open the shortcut to the Fourth Chamber
Great Hall
Populate the Breach
Gun Game
Gungeon Master
Construct the Bullet that can kill the Past
Hedge Slinger
Win a wager against the Gunsling King 5 times
Hero of Gun
Complete all 4 main character Pasts
Hollowed Out
Clear the Fourth Chamber 20 Times
Last Stop
Open the shortcut to the Fifth Chamber
Lead God
Collect five Master Rounds in one run
Lion Leap
Mine Master
Clear the Third Chamber 30 Times
Money Pit
Kill 100 enemies by dropping chandeliers
Not Just A Box
Spend big at the Acquisitions Department
Pit Lord
Kill 100 enemies by knocking them into pits
Rage Mode
Always be flipping. Guns are for flippers
Deliver the Golem's replacement arm
Take Revenge
Reverence for the Dead
Kill 100 enemies while riding in a mine cart
Defeat the Boss of the Fifth Chamber
Complete Tonic's Challenge
Squad Captain
Sworn Gun
Avenge Manuel
The Password
Time Paradox
Ace Winchester's game 3 times
Weird Tale
Complete Frifle's Challenges
Woodsie Lord
Steal 10 things
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