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Time played: 19 hours 2 minutes

Earned Achievements

Ace Of Lightspades
Unlock the Psi Armor.
Appetite For Insolation
Reach the Sun.
Breaking The Claw
Defeat Argos.
Cosmic Dance End
Defeat Orion.
Fade To White
Complete the game.
Give Me My Bullets
Unlock the Alpha Armor.
I'm In For The Kill
Score 25,000 In Score Attack Mode.
Master Of Realities
Clear every dimension.
Playing With Fire
Unlock the Mu Armor.
Rider On The Worm
Defeat Vermis.
Sad Strings Of Destiny
Obtain the Spinner.
So Far, So Good
Reach the end and unlock Super-Frame Mode 1.
Space Bound Ricochet
Unlock the Tau Armor.
Squid Row
Defeat Teuthus.
Staying Hungry
Score 50,000 In Score Attack Mode.
Who's Next?
Beat a boss without taking any damage.

Unearned Achievements

Beyond Strength
Unlock Super-Frame Mode 3.
Chaining Is My Business
Achieve a x100 hit combo.
Four Kicks
Unlock Super-Frame Mode 4.
Keeper of the 12 Keys
Obtain every treasure.
Unlock the Omega Armor.
Star Way To Hell
Reach the end for a second time and unlock Super-Frame Mode 2.
Third Evening In Scoreland
Score 100,000 In Score Attack Mode. Media Player