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Time played: 30 minutes

Earned Achievements

Clothes 1
Unlock one cosmetic item.
Clothes 5
Unlock five cosmetic items.

Unearned Achievements

Don't move for 30 seconds.
Eliminate a Runner from behind.
Bet 100
Have someone bet over 100 credits on you.
Bet 1000
Have someone bet over 1000 credits on you.
Bet 10k
Have someone bet over 10,000 credits on you.
Big Game Hunter
Eliminate the Runner with the most points with at least 5 other Runners still standing.
Eliminate the Runner with the least points with at least 5 other Runners still standing.
Clothes 20
Unlock twenty cosmetic items.
Clothes 50
Unlock fifty cosmetic items.
Danger Zone
Eliminate a Runner in a section that is closing off or has closed off.
Taunt while the Hunter can see you.
Feels Good, Man
Be the last Runner standing.
Fish in a Barrel
Eliminate a Runner that is stunned.
From The Brink
Recover from less than 5% health.
GG :)
Eliminate all Runners with more than 90 seconds left.
Gravity? What's That?
Wall run for 10 seconds.
Hang Time
Don't touch the ground for 5 seconds.
I Stun Dead People
Stun 10 Ghosts in under 30 seconds.
It's a Trap!
Eliminate a Runner that picked up points dropped by another Runner in the last 5 seconds.
Get stunned and then stun another Runner within 5 seconds.
Stun another Runner and then get stunned within 5 seconds.
Last Man Standing
Be the last Runner standing and eliminate the Hunter.
Level 2
Reach level 2.
Level 25
Reach level 25.
Level 5
Reach level 5.
Level 50
Reach level 50.
Reach level 10.
Natural Selection
Eliminate another Runner during Sudden Death.
Eliminate a Runner that has not seen you in the last 10 seconds.
Only the Strong Survive
Be one of the last 25% Runners standing.
See the Hunter eliminate another Runner.
Eliminate 5 Runners in under 20 seconds.
Play 10 Games
Play at least 10 games of Streamline!
Play 100 Games
Play at least 100 games of Streamline!
Poke The Bear
Stun the Hunter.
Eliminate a Runner in the air.
Stun 10 Runners in 30 seconds.
Eliminate yourself. :(
Loot 3 orbs from eliminated Runners in under 10 seconds.
Shoulda Ducked
Get stunned.
Skin Of Your Teeth
Be within 3 meters of the Hunter and then get 25 meters away.
Sorry, Not Sorry
Be within 5 meters of another Runner when they are eliminated.
Eliminate a Runner while wall running.
Stun 10 Runners in under 30 seconds.
Sucker Punch
Eliminate a taunting Runner.
Eliminate 10 Runners in under 30 seconds.
Sprint for 30 seconds without stopping. Media Player