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Dusty Revenge

Time played: 24 minutes

Earned Achievements

No Death throughout the level

Unearned Achievements

A True Bunny
1000 Double Jumps
Boss of Bosses
Completed Boss Rush mode
Bull Fighter
50 Bulls Killed
Chain Reaction
100 hit combo
All Combos Unlocked
Fighter Badge
Use melee only for 1 level
First Blood
1st Sniper Kill
First Death
Die one time
1st Artillery Kill
100 Sniper Kills
Mass Destruction
Hits 5 enemies with 1 Artillery Round
Pest Buster
300 Rats Killed
Spider Bunny
Climb 100 walls
Spies Everywhere!
20 Moles Killed
Spy Spotted!
1 Mole Killed
Suicide Bunny
5 Suicide Jumps
Tit For Tat
1st Use of Counter Move Media Player