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Path of Exile

Time played: 9 days 9 hours 3 minutes

Earned Achievements

A New Dawn
Vanquish the Vaal Oversoul.
All in a Day's Work
Complete a Master's Atlas Objective.
Choose an Ascendancy class.
Beginning of the End
Reach level 60 as a non-Hardcore character.
Bringer of Pain
Kill Maligaro, The Inquisitor.
Fully clear an end-game Map area.
Complete the Labyrinth in a non-Hardcore league.
Shatter 5 monsters with a single action.
Deadly Sins
Obtain every Pantheon power.
Kill a god and obtain their power.
Dispelling the Curse
Kill Doedre Darktongue.
Elemental Aegis
Have at least 75% resistance to Fire, Ice and Lightning.
Elemental Trinity
Slay an enemy that is simultaneously Ignited, Shocked, and Frozen.
End of the Nightmare
Kill Malachai, The Nightmare.
Engulfed in Flames
Land the killing blow on the Burning Man while you are burning.
Eternal Eclipse
Kill both Lunaris and Solaris in the same encounter.
Fall of Oriath
Complete Part 1.
Foot of the Mountain
Reach level 70 as a non-Hardcore character.
Free the Scion.
Full Clear: Archives
Fully clear the Archives.
Geared Up
Equip a Rare or Unique item in every non-Flask slot.
Have a Skill Gem reach level 20.
Kill High Templar Dominus.
King Tide
Kill Tsoagoth, the Brine King
Complete the Cruel Labyrinth in a non-Hardcore league.
Complete the Merciless Labyrinth in a non-Hardcore league.
Loyal to the End
Kill Argus.
Mercy Killing
Kill Brutus, Warden of Axiom Prison.
New World Order
Socket a Watchstone into any Region of your Atlas.
No Loose Ends
Complete each side-quest.
One of a Kind
Equip a Unique item.
One Small Step
Open a map in the map device and step through its portal.
Paradigm Shift
Allocate a Keystone Passive Skill.
Kill Voll, Emperor of Purity.
Rest for the Wicked
Defeat Piety in her laboratory.
Rule of Three
Kill the Depraved Trinity.
Kill Dominus as the Templar.
Scaling the Ladder
Reach level 80 as a non-Hardcore character.
Sin and Salvation
Complete Part 2.
Hand in a Full Set of Divination Cards to Tasuni.
Allocate a character's fourth Keystone Passive.
The Star of Wraeclast
Kill Merveil, the Siren.
Time Capsule
Open a Vaal Vessel in a corrupted zone.
Umbra Slayer
Kill Shavronne of Umbra.
Widow's Lament
Kill Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows.

Unearned Achievements

Alchemist's Stone
Craft a Jewel with four mods using an Orb of Alchemy.
All Ears
Listen to all optional NPC dialogue.
Ancestral Power
Have 3 Totems alive at one time.
Apprentice Cartographer
Complete all of the white maps on the Atlas.
Kill Dominus as the Shadow.
Atlas of Worlds
Complete every map on the Atlas.
Use an orb to change the mods of a Strongbox.
Band Together
Join a public party.
Beginner's Luck
Have a Unique Item drop in the Twilight Strand.
Behold My Army
Have 60 Minions at the same time.
Beyond Death
Kill Abaxoth, The End of All That Is.
Kill every Breachlord.
Capture the Flag
Capture a flag during any CTF match.
Kill Dominus as the Duelist.
Fully clear The Harvest.
Kill Dominus as the Marauder.
Kill another player in any mode or league.
Finish the Cruel Labyrinth in a Hardcore League.
Complete a map area that is affected by 10 or more mods. This can include mods from Sextants and other mods that are not on the map item.
Defence Against the Darkness
Land the killing blow on the Vaal Oversoul while you have the Fortify Buff active.
Diminishing Returns
Reach level 90 as a non-Hardcore character.
Dream Corruption
Corrupt a map into a Vaal Temple map.
Dream Enrichment
Enhance a map with a Vaal fragment.
Dream within a Dream
Have a Unique Map drop within a Unique Map.
Complete the Eternal Labyrinth in a non-Hardcore league.
Essence Corruption
Corrupt an Essence monster with a Remnant of Corruption.
Reach level 90 as a Hardcore character.
Finish the Labyrinth in a Hardcore League.
Full Clear: Apex of Sacrifice
Fully clear the Apex of Sacrifice.
Full Clear: Catacombs
Fully clear the Catacombs.
Full Clear: Dread Thicket
Fully clear the Dread Thicket
Full Clear: Ship Graveyard Cave
Fully clear the Ship Graveyard Cave.
Full Spectrum
Corrupt an item to have a white socket.
Fully clear the Colosseum end-game Map.
Golden Touch
Open a Large Chest.
Complete the Hall of Grandmasters.
Hostile Territory
Corrupt a map to have eight mods.
Kill Dominus as the Ranger.
Identity Corruption
Corrupt an item to have a new implicit mod.
Reach level 80 as a Hardcore character.
Corrupt a Unique Jewel into a different Unique Jewel.
Finish Merciless Labyrinth in a Hardcore League.
Invested with Blood
Reserve 95% or more of your Life.
Journeyman Cartographer
Complete all of the yellow maps on the Atlas.
Left to Chance
Create a Unique item using an Orb of Chance.
Tag each waypoint.
Maraketh Steel
Equip each Maraketh Weapon type.
Master Cartographer
Complete all of the red maps on the Atlas.
No Stone Unturned
Discover all environmental lore.
Fully upgrade every god power.
Out of the Gate
Reach level 8 in any Race Event.
Have 15 combined Endurance, Frenzy, and Power Charges active simultaneously.
Kill a monster that is under the influence of five Essence mods.
Raise the Bar
Have at least 90% resistance to any Element.
Releaser of Souls
Kill the Eater of Souls in the Core end-game Map.
Ruler of the Court
Defeat the Pale Council.
Sacrifice of the Vaal
Kill Atziri in the Alluring Abyss.
Kill Dominus as the Scion.
Shaper of Worlds
Kill the Shaper.
Stranger in a Strange Land
Kill a Rogue Exile in Kaom's Stronghold.
Reach level 60 as a Hardcore character.
The Forsaken Masters
Level all the Masters to their maximum Decoration Level.
Help all three Bandit Lords.
Treasure Hunter
Kill Izaro and have him drop 3 treasure keys.
Two of a Kind
Equip two unique items with the same name.
Reach level 70 as a Hardcore character.
Find all of the Shaper's Memory Fragments.
Unique Influence
Equip a Unique Jewel with a radius.
Complete the Eternal Labyrinth in a Hardcore League.
Kill Dominus as the Witch.
Vaal Gemling
Have a Vaal Skill Gem reach level 20.
Virtue Corruption
Corrupt a skill gem into a Vaal skill gem.
Kill all Warbands leaders.
Create an item with six linked sockets using an Orb of Fusing.
Zombie Horde
Have 9 Raised Zombies alive at one time. Media Player