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Time played: 4 days 13 hours 12 minutes

Earned Achievements

Advanced Driver
Get a silver medal on a track
Finish the Adventure campaign
Better than Sliced Bread
Slice off all wheels
Big Bother
Break a camera drone's screen
Blast from the Past
Finish the Lost To Echoes campaign
Cheat the System
Beat a Trackmogrify track in less than 10 seconds
Down But Not Out
Narrowly miss the kill grid then hit a checkpoint
Driving Ace
Get a diamond medal on a track
Expert Driver
Get a gold medal on a track
Gold Collector
Get Gold medals on all Adventure levels in Sprint
Grounded Departure
Finish Entanglement without wings
Unlock all official levels
Meet your Rival
Finish an online match
Earn 5,000,000 lifetime eV
Moving Forward
Finish Cataclysm in the Adventure campaign
Ninja in Training
Complete a wall ride of 250 meters or more
Pumpkin King
Break all pumpkins in Spooky Town
Break apart 15 street lights in a level
Press the Reset button for the car
Six Figures
Land a trick over 100,000 eV
Speed Runner
Finish the Adventure campaign in 1 hour
Split Personality
Get sliced by a laser
Still Alive
Complete Overload without dying
The Long Grind
Complete a grind of 250 meters or more
Play a Trackmogrify track
Vendor Bender
Find pieces from the past in Lost to Echoes
Welcome to the Family
Play a Workshop level
Discover 10 keywords in Trackmogrify
World Traveler
Complete 10 Workshop maps

Unearned Achievements

The Other Side
Worthy Media Player