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Time played: 1 days 5 hours 31 minutes

Earned Achievements

Didn't Fear the Reaper
Terminate the Reaper
Herculean Task
Terminate the Hydra
One Ping to Find Them
Terminate the Wraith
Second Chance
Regenerate completely from 5 health
The Spice Must Flow
Terminate the Worm

Unearned Achievements

Defense of the Agents
Win a MOBA game 6 times
Hack the Planet
Beat all levels on Hacker difficulty
ICE Breaker
Beat all levels in co-op
No Flag, No Country!
Win a Domination game 6 times
Beat all levels on Admin difficulty
Scan Complete
100% the campagin
Team Leader
Lead a team of 2 or more to victory in Team Deathmatch 3 times
The Postman Always Pings Twice
Find all emails
There Can Be Only One
Win a Deathmatch game against 2 or more players 4 times Media Player