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Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken

Time played: 50 minutes

Earned Achievements

Disgruntled Worker
Find 3 Signs
For What Reason?
Launch the silo missile

Unearned Achievements

Kill 6 enemies with the bazooka
Big Blimpin'
Kill all penguins stationed on the big zeppelin in Chapter 8 (Single Player)
Bird Brained
Brainbug at least one penguin from each of the 7 penguin ranks, including Putzki
Brainbug Fever
Brainbug 30 enemies
Kill all penguins stationed on the small zeppelin in Chapter 8 (Single Player)
Dirty Half-Dozen
Complete the Cooperative game mode
Door Sentry
Kill 30 Penguins as they step out of a door
Excessive Stacking
Stack all 3 crates near the end of Chapter 11 (Single Player)
Fear the Spur
Kill Brno with the knife
Flight Instructor
Juggle an enemy for 10 seconds
Friendly Transit
Carry the other cooperative player for 500 meters in the same chapter without dying
Hardboiled Orca
Kill 300 penguins or clones
Hardboiled Seal
Kill 100 penguins or clones
High Treason
Brainbug the penguin above the star in Chapter 6 (Single Player)
Kill all penguins stationed on the zeppelin in Chapter 3 (Single Player)
Hydrogen Run
Escape the large zeppelin with 40 seconds or more on the timer
Laser Assist
Kill an enemy by knocking him into a laser door
Mission Complete
Overthrow Putzki and liberate Albatropolis
One Shot One Kill
Kill 10 enemies, each with one gunshot
Own Medicine
Kill a helicopter penguin with his own missile
Own Pharmacy
Kill 6 helicopter penguins with their own missiles
Personal Space
Punch or kick 100 times
Rebellious Laborer
Find 20 Signs
Revolutionary Fighter
Find all 45 Signs
Too Many Too Soon
Kill 3 enemies with one grenade
Kill 20 enemies while brainbugging
Two Birds One Stone
Kill 2 enemies with one grenade Media Player