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Drunken Robot Pornography

Time played: 4 hours 22 minutes

Earned Achievements

Are You Not So Precious That You Have Gotten Your First Kill?
You have destroyed your first Titan.
How Did You Manage to Come Out of That Unscathed, Anyway?
Destroyed a Titan without having lost any health.
I Sang Along!

Unearned Achievements

I am wearing Rohit's Impossibly Blue Pants.
We're not telling. Ask your mother.
I have bested R. Timothy Ambrosia in a test of strength and wills.
Completed the game on any difficulty level.
I have completed my undergraduate degree without receiving an ounce of pain.
Completed Sophomore Means Wise Idiot without taking any damage.
I have flown on a jellyfish without taking a lick of damage.
Completed I Fly on a Jellyfish without taking any damage.
I have received half a dozen achievements not even including this one.
Received 6+ other achievements.
I'm so much better bees. Look at my shiny unscathed body.
Completed The Hive without taking any damage.
Not only that, I received 7 other achievements not including this one!
Received 7+ other achievements.
Okay, now this is getting ridiculous.
Received 8+ other achievements. Media Player