Tetris® Effect: Connected

Time played: 14 hours 31 minutes
Last 2 weeks: 3 hours 57 minutes

Earned Achievements

Back-to-Back Attack
Earn 10 Back-to-Backs in a row.
Back-to-Back Hack
Earn 50 Back-to-Backs.
Certified Apprentice
Achieve Player Level 10.
Clear 12 Lines or more in a single Zone visit.
Don't Stop Believin'
Complete Area 4 of Journey Mode.
Enter the Zone
Activate the Zone mechanic.
Get In Line
Clear 100 Lines.
Got the Hang of It Now
Earn 100 Tetris Line Clears.
Just Getting Started
Earn 10 Tetris Line Clears.
Next In Line
Clear 1000 Lines.
Clear 18 Lines or more in a single Zone visit.
Savvy & Strong
Earn your first SS Rank.
Super Special
Earn SS Rank 10 times.
T-Spin Break-In
Earn 10 T-Spins.
Weekend Warrior
Participate in a Weekly Ritual.
With a Single Step
Complete Area 1 of Journey Mode.

Unearned Achievements

"A" Student
Earn A Rank or higher in all Areas of Journey Mode.
10-Minute Parking Zone
Enter the Zone for more than 10 minutes total.
All Clear!
Earn 100 All Clears.
All Clear?
Earn 10 All Clears.
Avatar Rockstar
Earn 100 avatars.
Back-to-Back Mack
Earn 500 Back-to-Backs.
Earn 500 Tetris Line Clears.
Certified Expert
Achieve Player Level 30.
Certified Grand Master
Achieve Player Level 100.
Certified Master
Achieve Player Level 50.
Certified Platinum
Earn all achievements.
Combo Rousseau
Earn a 10 Combo.
Combo Van Gogh
Earn a 15 Combo.
Comfort Zone
Clear 1000 Lines total across all Zone visits.
End of the Line
Clear 10,000 Lines.
Expert Witness
Complete all Areas of Expert Journey Mode.
Gold Mine
Discover a land of golden Tetriminos.
Long, Strange Trip
Complete all Areas of Journey Mode.
Make a Wish
Witness a meteor shower in Countdown mode.
Clear 1,000 Infected Blocks in Purify mode.
Seriously? Seriously.
Earn S Rank everywhere possible.
Spin Artist
Rotate Tetriminos 100,000 times.
Straight "A"s
Earn A Rank or higher in all Effect Modes.
T-Spin King-Pin
Earn 100 T-Spins.
tceffE ediS sirteT
.noisnemid desrever gniyonna na ni yalP
Tetris and Chill
Clear Ambient: Sea, Wind, and World modes.
The Classics
Play Marathon, Ultra and Sprint modes.
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