You Are Not Alone (2013 Remake)

Classical Classic Remake
Thirteen years ago, slammy conceived of a project for his fledgling music group, Outpost Music. It was a fourteen track music disk called "Voyage". On that compilation was a track from The Nightstalker called "You Are Not Alone". This was self-described as "[thundering] through in 9/8 time with a driving piano melody, wonderful harmonious strings, and a wonderful ballad-like percussion." Now, thirteen years later, comes the same melody, reimagined in a much softer, almost lullaby-like tune. Composed entirely in Reason on and off over the course of a couple of years, this four-track version eliminates the driving percussion that set the thunderous tone of the piece in the original and replaces it with soft piano accompaniment, choir pads for the melody and harmony, and soft strings for the background.


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