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Streaming Schedule
There is currently no set schedule, however when I stream it will either be evenings after 7 PM PT or on weekends.
Use the Discord server to chat with me while off stream.
The Six Gaming Podcast is a podcast all about gaming. We go live on Twitch and YouTube every Saturday at 8 PM PT. Join Six Gaming's Discord server where you can easily find other gamers to play with and promote your own Twitch stream.
The Self-Destruct Sequence Podcast is a podcast all about Descent and the Six Degrees of Freedom genre of games. Currently on hiatus.
The Observatory is a Twitch show dedicated to observing competitive Descent matches.
Current Records
Starcreep Any% Speedrun - 4:41.64
Seeker Any% Speedrun - 8:41.76
Eye Any% Speedrun - 11:10.16
Skeleton King Any% Speedrun - 12.11.97
Starcreep Desecration% Speedrun - 13:01.29
Scientist Any% Speedrun - 14:04.49
Starcreep Insane Sanctification% Speedrun - 1 hour 19:20
Seeker Insane Sanctification% Speedrun - 1 hour 23:41
Any% Speedrun - 16:59.57
Any% Speedrun - 25:23.89
Low% Speedrun - 1 hour 13:58.86
Bard Deathless - 112 wins


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