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Quadra FAQ

9) Playing Tips

The following tips were sent in by the people who play the game and are good at it! If you have a tip that's not listed here, add them below!

Practice on high speeds. There's usually a high speed server up online, but you can also start a local game by using the -level switch. See the server commands section for more information. -Mutt/roncli

Build up! Build up for 9 liners, and once you get better, build up for 13 liners!! -Mutt

Think and look ahead. Use the gravity feature whenever you can. Remember that clearing 2 cascading lines using gravity is worth more than clearing 2 lines that doesn't cascade. -Mutt

Learn to build up on the high speeds. It is very scary to do, but it gives you a whole heap of points. Learn to get 5+ liners on levels 10 and above. A clean canvas will also give you a lot of points on higher levels! -Mutt/roncli

Use all rotate buttons!! There is no way on higher levels that you will be able to hit the rotate button 3 times, or even 2 times. It is necessary that you use all three. I recommend the 3 bottom arrow keys for guidance, and the A, D, and S keys for rotate buttons. -Mutt/roncli


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