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Quadra FAQ

6) Player Setup Menu

Here you can set the options for up to three players by changing the following:
  • Setup player - Choose the player (1, 2 or 3) that you wish to change the options for
  • Name - The name of the player
  • Shadow - Toggles a neat little shadow which shows where the current block would rest if you dropped it from its current position.
  • Smooth - Toggles the smooth effect. If off, the blocks will fall down the screen in timed jolts.
  • Repeat Speed - This controls how fast your controls move the blocks. There is a separate setting for horizontal and vertical movement. Set this to fast or faster in multiplayer games where speed is needed.
  • Left, Right, Down, Drop, Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Rotate Twice - Sets your keys for the controls. Left and right move the blocks left and right. Down moves the block down. Drop immediately places the block as far down as it can go. Rotate left and right rotate the pieces left and right. Rotate twice flips the piece around 180 degrees.


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