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Quadra FAQ

2) Quadra Basics

2.1) What is Quadra?

Quadra is a great puzzle game originally by Ludus Design. Quadra is like Tetris but features a kind of "gravity" so loose blocks fall down until they get stuck. This enables you to clear massive amouts of lines at once. In fact, if you build up the blocks correctly, you could use 1 piece to take out 15 or even more lines! Quadra is a fast, fun and very addictive game which comes with full internet support! Quadra, which used to cost $10 to register, is now open source and freeware. What a bargain!

Quadra Features:
  • Windows and Linux versions
  • Totally free multiplayer Internet play that is very lag free
  • TCP/IP Support for LAN games
  • Excellent user interface
  • Multiplayer chat
  • Multiplayer watch modes
  • CD music player
  • 10 different sound and graphic schemes for the different levels
  • Shadows of blocks to help you place the blocks easily
  • Slow, Normal, Fast and Faster modes to control the blocks at your speed
  • Smooth, clean graphics
  • Local multiplayer game of up to 3 players
  • Internet game supports 8 players and many observers, as well as up to 3 players per computer
  • It's free! :-)
  • Recording games, allowing you to record and later playback your best single player and multiplayer games.
  • A top 5 Internet listing which you can add you name to automatically if you get a top score
  • Fully customizable multiplayer modes with teams and different winning conditions
  • Fully customizable controls with buttons to rotate left, rotate right AND rotate 180 degrees
  • Extra Qsnoop taskbar program which lists current internet games
  • It also features really fast levels that'll have those blocks flying down on you, driving you crazy!

2.2) Controls

The default controls are as follows:
  • Left arrow - Move block piece left
  • Right arrow - Move block piece right
  • Down arrow - Force block piece down
  • Ctrl button - Rotate block left
  • Alt button - Rotate block right

2.3) The Pieces

The blocks are formed from the 7 different ways of arranging 4 squares together:

The Straight piece. Green in color.

The 'L' piece. Purple in color.

The 'J' piece. Yellow in color.

The 'T' piece. Blue in color.

The 'S' piece. Cyan in color.

The 'Z' piece. Red in color.

The Square piece. Orange in color.

2.4) What to do with the pieces

Each piece will fall from the top of the screen into a section called the canvas. As the piece falls down, you can move it into various positions and spin it around. Once the piece hits the bottom is gets stuck.


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