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Quadra FAQ

1) Introduction

This document is intended to help people play Quadra.

The game Quadra is an open source project, originally written by Ludus Design. This FAQ has been updated to include new information about Quadra version 1.1.7. Send all comments, questions, suggestions, complaints, praises, and anything else to the comments section below.

Quadra is found at

1.1) Copyright

The document that this FAQ is based off of, The Quadra FAQ, is copyright 1999 DAC. You may distribute this FAQ as long as you do not sell it, either individually, or as part of a compilation CD or other media. Attempt to obtain permission to reproduce was not successful, due to DAC's outdated e-mail address.

Quadra is an open source project, and in that spirit this FAQ is open source as well. If you have something to contribute to this FAQ, or any corrections to existing information, please use the comments at the end of each section.

1.2) Disclaimer

Although care has been taken in writing this Document, the authors (DAC, roncli) cannot be held responsible for anything that arises from using the information contained in this document. The information in this document is unofficial, and all questions and replies regarding this FAQ should be posted in the comments at the end of each section. The information in this document may not be correct and may contain errors and/or omissions, although I do believe this information to be complete.


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