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Quadra is basically a Tetris game, but it's hardly your basic game. Quadra is different, as its main feature is blocks that will fall as far as they can when a line is cleared. If done right, you can end up with chain reactions of more than 4 lines cleared at one time. The Quadra FAQ explains how this is done, along with all of the basic principles of the game.

But Quadra isn't just great because of the gravity. Quadra has an excellently designed multiplayer gameplay, complete with familiar gaming concepts such as frags and deaths. It's easy for the beginner to pick up what is happening in a game. And the controls in Quadra make for a fast game. Unlike many other multiplayer Tetris games, Quadra has no delay between the placement of a block and the beginning of the next piece falling. This can make for a very fast paced game. The fastest Quadra players can place three blocks per second or more!

Quadra is an open source project. I have forked the project with fixes for Windows. You may download Quadra for Windows on GitHub.

Wild version

I have written four patches for the Quadra source, one of which (audible countdown timer for sprint mode) has been merged. The other three patches are:

  • Centiseconds - With as fast paced of a game that this is, it's a shame that Quadra's timer resolution was just a single second! This changes it so that time is measured in hundredths of a second.
  • Floating Next Pieces - My most popular patch. This takes the next three pieces and places them above the floating shadow in the well, making it so that your eyes can stay focused on the game.
  • No Pause in Multiplayer - The best way to troll in Quadra multiplayer games is to pause and unpause repeatedly. It's annoying, so I decided to write a patch that disables it.

Together, these patches constitute what I call the "wild" version of Quadra. The source code to these patches are on the "wild" branch of my Quadra fork. The wild version is also available with the Windows release.


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