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Overload Game Tracker

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Primary Language: JavaScript
Created: 2/28/2019 7:17:19 am (2/28/2019)
Updated: 8/16/2020 8:56:38 pm (8/16/2020)

An Overload game tracker for servers running olmod.



* Updated archive list with better pagination.
* Added search to archive list.
* Archived games now show damage taken totals and time in game.
* Game settings now appear on the game page.
* Live updates can be disabled.
* New summary page that shows all games and servers in a simple table.
* Copy button extended to the server list.
* New game browser API for future olmod usage.
* Servers seen more than 5 minutes ago are now considered "old", instead of 1 hour ago.
* Fixed bug causing games in lobby to not update when they have been started.
* Fixed bug causing games to appear like they had 24 hours remaining in recent versions of Chrome.
* Fixed bug with some meta tags.


* Onboarding update with current information about olmod and how to play.
* Added IP address and copy button to games where joining is possible.
* Fixed bugs with unofficial game modes.
* Add minification and combination of CSS & JS files.


* Update server list API to not draw from the database.
* Other fixes to server list API.
* Remove active API.


* Active lobbys are now shown with number of players and max players.
* Archive now displays the initial page in local time like the rest of the pages.
* Players who took damage but did not record another start are removed from the damage grid.
* Fixed timeago implementation.
* Added more HTML encoding to server and map names.
* Fixed non-existent game IDs crashing instead of
* Fixed bug with completed games linking to an invalid page.
* Replaced original websocket implementation with express-ws.


* Stats are now tracked and displayed in real time using websockets.
* Support for CTF and Monsterball.
* New archived games list.
* New completed game API.
* Backend website improvements.


* Save end game stats received from olproxy to the database.
* Update appsettings.json with the "signOff" parameter.


* Fix bug with HTML encoding.
* Fix bug when mode hasn't been set yet.
* Update links.
* Add SSL.


* Use database for backend server list persistence.
* Add "online" querystring to toggle a server's visibility.
* Move old servers to the bottom of the list.
* Add Server Setup and Links pages.
* Add links to the map being played.
* Filter out servers that are missing key information.


* HTML encode all externally provided data.


Initial release.

Recent Commits

10e90c6 Fix search controller as well as API.
41c47b7 Fix bug with searching for nothing.
2b27f28 Bump full text search query library.
8d6dca1 Fix game settings.
7cca1f7 Version 2.1.0.
1ce915f Various bug fixes.
a32a69d Various bug fixes.
373fbd5 Replace request with @root/request.
8923dde Missed a spot for the 5 minute old server thing.
2c33ed7 Add game browser API. Reduce time for a server to be considered "old" to 5 minutes.

Fixes #40.
2053917 Add copy button to server list.

Fixes #41.
85d3c0f Add game settings panel to game and archive.

Fixes #38.
22bb47d Fix bug with unstarted games not updating.

Fixes #37.
8147db7 Add time in game.
528214d Begin work on time in game.
1e06f39 Add damage taken totals to the damage grid.

Fixes #34.
7b73b81 Add search to the game list.
9b2dcf9 Add summary page.

Fixes #32.
caa904c Add feature to disable live updates.

Fixes #31.
e30c456 Add feature to disable live updates.

Fixes #31.
28b585d Better pagination.

Fixes #27.
e7db51e Save completed games data as NTEXT.
f4220e8 Fix security bug with missing encodeURI.
f43607a Fix bugs related to formatting time.
92f7810 Revert "Add settings.json for olmod."

This reverts commit 560942dfdc26c6fd01f8c868b485598e095667a6.
560942d Add settings.json for olmod.
7439b23 Fix bug with game controller.
2eb7038 Version 2.0.3.
3aa2605 Fix various bugs with new features.
df82022 Add ability to copy game IP addresses.
7e6b635 Update some references to

Fixes #25.
9ff573a Add bit about creating an open match.
c0fb283 Fixes to minification, update texts on getting started and server setup pages.
9862410 Fix various bugs with alternate game modes.
44e7f31 Fix bug with Monsterball score when no goals were scored.

Fixes #28.
3d0ac66 Minification and combination of CSS and JS files.

Fixes #30.
098d5b8 Version 2.0.2.
dc72b12 Update web.config to allow Firefox websockets to work.
8649b94 Use local cache for servers.

Fixes #29.
059a73b Fix 410 for index API post.
9f2adf5 Remove Active API. It sends too much data and is not in use.
60cd428 Bump node-database version.
5be612b Fix bug with broadcast talking to closing websockets.
7491c52 Update server list API.
9191924 Attempt to get the API using the new data.
d15ce5b Reposition exitGame code block.
365bae4 Version 2.0.1.
2f4efe3 Some other touchups.
c14ec9b Further eslint fixing.
be7964a I give up, require-atomic-updates is a cursed rule.
7d69144 Appease linters.
510823d Merge pull request #20 from arbruijn/master

Support for the LobbyStatus / LobbyExit messages from olmod
90ef453 Display first page of archive in local time.

Fixes #21.
56cd431 Fix bug with players who took damage but did not record a stat.
dfa4b9c Potential fix for websockets.
028b897 Fix bugs with blank strings.
38e8d99 Properly 404 invalid game IDs.
24af864 Case fix.
01227c0 Fix bug with non-existent CompletedId.
bc1cda8 HTML encode some entities.
448417c Fix typo.
cddb8f6 Fix timeago implementation.
96c7141 Fix bug with port on iisnode.
c644785 Update README for v2.0.0.
9733f3b Update texts.
6356120 Version 2.0.0.
46d8b71 Package upgrades.

Fixes #16. Fixes #17. Fixes #18.
5f6c410 Ignore Disconnect stat after game ended
eea284a Fix updating game in progress on home page
412e268 Add /api/active to get active games list
4d1e8f1 Added LobbyStatus / LobbyExit support
bb1a52b Don't allow scores to count if a player can't be found.
fa40c2b Bug fixes.
5ab61c3 Improve logging.
0b03247 Save weapon names, not weapon strings from the game.
0af3a76 Only add game if there are events to save.
546af7c New server browser.
10bb11b Game API.
6b9f220 Game archive complete.
64a18db Use correct date.
2271f70 Bug fixes.
a7b5992 Starting work on the game list.
edec42a Get the damage grid working.
8865c0f Improvements to archive page.
34885b3 Merge branches 'master' and 'master' of
bf03d93 I'll have to figure something out for the "parser" in .eslintrc.

Right now there's no good way to load eslint and babel-eslint globally without having to locally modify the .eslintrc with the local location of babel-eslint. So for now we'll remove them from the devDependencies.
d044080 Allow updating completed games.
3a42ab4 Increasing max post size to 10 MB.
ec68190 Weapon images for damage list.
dd2cd05 Archive page, plus major view refactoring.
e949fe0 Some bug fixes and model/DB additions.
9b80e1f Add settings, but do not backfill events.
a935f20 Fix bug with team not being added at the end.
dc11b8d Update team score and players stats on end game.
72ce2bc Starting on the archive page.
e32fc63 Make sure games that are started before the server went up are reported correctly.
9602bf6 CTF support.
66d87a6 Work on getting the game page working.
d97afbc Clean up formatting, add completed timeago.
a80b64d Various bug fixes. Media Player