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Primary Language: C#
Created: 3/16/2019 1:26:01 pm (3/16/2019)
Updated: 10/12/2020 5:07:25 am (10/12/2020)

A mod for the game Overload that enhances the multiplayer experience.



Fixed a bug with silent thunderbolt.


- VSync options no longer assume 60 Hz, and the left arrow now works for it.
- Sniper packet projectiles are now seen correctly by other clients for all primaries except thunderbolt. Thunderbolt and all secondaries were already being seen correctly by all clients. This should make receiving damage from most primaries feel more consistent.
- Major JIP fixes, including preserving player scores, making players inactive until they spawn, and correctly-synchronized weapons.
- Creeper sync has been expanded to include time bombs.
- Projectiles are no longer able to be seen coming through walls on maps with multiple chunks. These projectiles would not cause damage, but were confusing to players.
- Thunderbolt charge and cyclone fire rate will no longer hold over after a death if you're holding the primary button down when you die and when you spawn.
- CTF flag duplication should no longer occur.
- 10 FPS floor for client-side ticks removed from multiplayer games.
- Race mode times are now displayed in m:ss.fff format.
- Servers should no longer crash when maps have missing resources, it should just bounce clients back to the lobby and continue functioning normally.
- Console now accepts left key input.
- Attempt to make GSync dnSpy fix more consistent.


- Client-side handling of games that use maps with missing resources. Clients will now be booted to the lobby in this case. Servers still crash, and is being tracked in issue #33.
- Match Presets left arrow now works.
- Sniper packets mod is now on by default, and no longer has an option to be turned off. The only time a v0.3.2 server should start a game without the sniper packets mod is when the client that starts it does not have the sniper packets mod.
- Clients without the sniper packets mod can now join games with the sniper packets mod, but won't have the benefit of sniper packets enabled for them.
- Devastators will still exhibit some strange client-side behavior, and is being tracked in issue #29.


* Potential bug fix to other players' devastators remaining in the game as a broken physics object after being manually detonated.
* can now be ran from any directory if you provide the -gamedir argument for the path to the Overload executable.

Note: v0.3.1.3 and earlier clients will still be able to start and play games on v0.3.2-beta.2 servers. However, if a v0.3.2-beta.2 client starts a game with sniper packets, v0.3.1.3 and earlier clients will not be able to join.


- Replaces default networking model with a sniper packets style, resulting in more consistent network play.

- Better synchronizes energy, ammo, weapon choice, missile counts, and devastator firing/triggering when using sniper packets.

Note: v0.3.1.3 and earlier clients will still be able to start and play games on v0.3.2-beta.1 servers. However, if a v0.3.2-beta.1 client starts a game with sniper packets, v0.3.1.3 and earlier clients will not be able to join.

- Fix for observer first person view

- Add view player option to observer mode, by roncli

- Fix for observer joining in progress match

- Fixed creeper sync server controlled explosions

- Add creeper sync support

- Join-In-Progress: Better support for joining while match starts/ends

- Fixes for server browser (support old game build, fix lan/internet match after using server browser, allow esc key)

- Added server browser by Tobias
- Fix boost reset on spawn fix

- Fixes for upcoming Overload version

- Support for upcoming Overload version

- Fix partial team mode in race mode

- Better support for no lap limit
- Changed lap limit setting increments
- Fixed race mode scoreboard sorting
- Default to instant respawn for race mode
- Fixed bumping sound after leaving match
- Fixed 3 or more team matches

Added Race mode by Tobias
Support for mac
Show current team score when joining in progress match
Reset boost heat on respawn
Mod loading speedup

- Added fire macro/mouse wheel prevention by roncli
- Added sudden death option for MB/CTF matches by roncli
- CTF: Score on touching flag instead of goal
- CTF: Fix scoring when flag is returned
- CTF: Disable flag pickup when dying

- Added O1L match preset
- Preserve LD_PRELOAD on linux by derhass

Changes since
- Added MP Presets by Tobias
- Less strict item pickup for inverted segment MP levels, originally by terminal
- CTF: Added lost flag return timer
- Show HUD messages and flag status on MP death screen
- Added long MP password support by Tobias
- Increased simultaneous sounds to 512 (formerly mod-moreaudio)
- Disable super spawn when no spawnable items specified
- Support for internet server ping

- Disable sometimes unreliable 'grate' pickup check in MP
- Added long MP password support by Tobias

- Added MP Presets by Tobias
- Increased simultaneous sounds to 512 (formerly mod-moreaudio)

CTF return timer fixes

- CTF: Added return timer

- Disable super spawn when no spawnable items specified

- Fix Impulse in Warrior loadout when used with Bomber (serverside)
- Disable super alarm in levels without super spawn (serverside)

- Always make all MP loadouts available and use impulse instead of reflex for Warrior (with help from terminal)
- Fix for missing doors and teleporters in MP levels

- MP server support for new tracker (by roncli)
- MP hunter speed reduced (for updated client & server)
- Client side homing tracking improved (by terminal)
- Prevent power-ups moving through ceiling in outdoor levels (by terminal)
- Added Join/Create again after match
- Fixed JIP team balancing
- Added internet server (without olproxy)
- MP damage log includes weapon lava explosions

- CTF: possible fix for persistent halo
- CTF: pickup sound changed to be less similar to super sound (by terminal)
- MP teams: added red enemy arrow to name in hud (by terminal)

- Added MP Capture The Flag (CTF) mode
- Observer mode visibility fixes by roncli
- MP Prev weapon switch fix byTobias
- Added "Create open match" to enable JIP more easily
- Disabled door opening when nearby in MP (with updated server)
- Fix for MP door visibility in some levels (with help from terminal)
- Added support for crystals and more fans/monitors in custom levels (with help from kevin)

- Adds MP level select screen

- Adds game stats tracking, by roncli

- Hopefully fixes team imbalance with JIP

- Fixes already exists with new level version on level download

- Disables weapon speed/lifetime randomization in MP

- Support for multiple level versions in level download

- Observer: double movement speed, show thunderbolt/missiles (server side fix), skip more level deactivation

- Join in progress: auto level download, fix for 0ms ping

A few client only changes:

- Sorts MP level list by name (by Tobias)

- Adds custom mod loading, add mod-xxx.dll assembly to olmod directory

- Adds -frametime command line option

- Allows spawn data for custom MP levels

- Allows custom music in custom levels

- Adds Internet match option with built in olproxy

- New server stat log with JSON output (by luponix)

- Experimental client side MP level download

- MP fixes: assist calculation (by roncli), no extra new weapon pickup sound, show olmod server version

- JIP fixes: match time no longer resets, shows joined player, fix for join in lobby

- join-in-progress fixes: join as observer, loadout data, preserve kda/time in match, start 1 player match

- console: option to enable console key `

- console commands: xp, reload_missions, mipmap_bias, ui_color

- -gamedir option

- Join in progress support

- Shoot to open doors in MP (by terminal)

- Paste in MP password field with Ctrl+V

- Monsterball: fix linux support, better weapon balance, use thunderbolt charge, only score with ball, support wind tunnels, no score after game ends (by terminal)

- Fix empty anarchy lobby bug

- Fixes for more than 8 players: joining, lobby UI, assist finding

- More monsterball tweaks: drag, speed cap, thunderbolt (by terminal)

- Removes log spam on windows server

- Added MP homing fix by terminal

- Added monsterball tweaks by terminal (weapons now hit monsterball, no more suicide penalty)

- Fix for CM/SP no damage bug, reported by sLLiK

- Hide empty teams, suggested by Yoshimitsu

- Observer & more teams fixes

- Added game stats log (by luponix)

Added support for up to 8 teams

- More 16 player tweaks, it appears to work now

- Added `frametime` non-cheat code and `rearview` cheat code

- Customize robot / projectile (weapon) data

- Stability fix for observer mode

- A few stability fixes for the Windows loader

- Added MP observer mode

- Attempt at MP 16 player support, not working currently

- linux support

Known bugs:

- observer mode fails if the game does not have focus when the match starts

Initial version

Recent Commits

2047c97 Require -modded argument to load mods, send modded status and mods loaded in capabilities. Server still needs to read them and handle them.
532b56d Yes, yes it is being called.
f5e452f Nice word.
fec519a Merge pull request #55 from tobiasksu/issue49

Issue #49 - MP Modifiers
fb118bc Merge pull request #54 from tobiasksu/issue47

Issue #48 - Rear View had a potential null condition which could render HUD inoperable
fbec446 Don't show rear view camera during pregame loadout selection
0900919 Inadvertantly checked in change to OutputPath for debug dll
73e11b6 Fix issue where rear view camera sometimes wouldn't be properly initialized and would require toggling to not bomb DrawHUD display
0b009f9 Issue #49 - Restricted Modifiers
580a671 Fix resolution selector.

Fixes #52.
3ab01f9 Fix merge error.
8740d2b Merge pull request #51 from tobiasksu/issue47_actual

Issue #47 - Scaling Respawn Timer
51331bc Merge branch 'master' into issue47_actual
da2d66f Nice word.
4276e2b Issue #47 - Scale Respawn Time
9aff006 Added rear view toggle to Match Presets
32eb11e Added rear view toggle to Match Presets
611bed5 Issue #47 - PIP Rear View option
14be038 Issue #47 - PIP Rear View option
d1943ad Merge branch 'master' of
e89f0a1 Update readme.
50d9354 Version 0.3.4, fix thunderbolt sound.
5a6a3dd Update Linux script to use stderr.
6497039 Version 0.3.3.
6351a34 Merge pull request #43 from tobiasksu/jip

JIP Improvements - Issue #21
2593ba1 Possible gsync fix, needs feedback.
201bcba Only send JIP info on disconnected players to client if on newer version
dbea8e4 Fix bug with older clients being unable to join in progress due to invalid messages being sent.
b591b89 Fix bug with older clients being unable to join in progress due to invalid messages being sent.
1300877 Fix bug with older clients being unable to join in progress due to invalid messages being sent.
7fd4285 Fix to sniper packet implementation.

Fixes #34.
339fce6 Issue #21 - Improve JIP handling of disconnected pilots
32a1253 From @tobiasksu, fix left arrow not working in console.

Fixes #41.
657d8d4 Fix Graphics Options VSync left arrow.

Fixes #39.
a9c4bc7 Fix flak/cyclone/thunderbolt charge/fire rate holding over after death.

Fixes #38.
23267c4 Fix ghost projectiles.

Fixes #31.
003e960 Fix bug with creeper sync.
a3ec3f9 Improve display of times in race mode. Include current lap time on the left side.
3666189 Don't make player active in JIP until their pregame countdown expires.

Fixes #32.
a35a110 Fix game clock slowing down in multiplayer when FPS goes under 10.

Fixes #16.
16e9174 Removed extra logging.
acdac97 Remove cases of flag duplication from CTF.

Fixes #13. See issue for details.
b9ca0a3 Upgrade creeper sync to creeper & time bomb sync, improve devastator client-side behavior.
efd2cce Check that multiplayer is active before handling sniper packets in cases where it has to get client MPTweaks.

Fixes #33.
ebc1e5e Typo fix.
955908c Version 0.3.2.
461cde4 Allow non-sniper packet clients to play in sniper packet games.
9c2cab1 Remove menu option for sniper packets, make them always enabled.
7148396 Issue #4 - Fix left arrow on Match Presets
ccf643f More gracefully handle server errors loading level (e.g. missing linux assets)
bac8e5c Version 0.3.2-beta.2.
9acf52b Allow to be ran outside of the Overload directory with the -gamedir parameter on Linux and Mac.

Fixes #25.
76d554b Potentially fix bug with another player devastators not being removed when triggered by that player.
5b43f15 Update readmes.
922e2cb Merge branch 'sniper-packets'
a219e9b Further fixes for

Now will expect Overload and olmod to be installed
in the same directory by default , but it will not require this.
The `-gamedir` argument is restored as a way to to target a separate
overload installation dir.

This is a more general fix for #18.
bf1d28e Version 0.3.2-beta.1.
d419b89 Project updates.
* olmod now targets Windows SDK 10.0.18362.0, as 8.1 is deprecated.
* Turned off whole program optimization, as this was causing build failure.
* Better modularized the Overload-specific dependencies. Instead of updating .csproj with the location of your Overload directory for each reference, now you just do it once in Directory.Build.targets.
127bd44 Ignore all Visual Studio user files.
1ee959e Disable multiplayer rear view. Disable sniper packets by default. Don't allow players without sniper packets to join a game that uses them. Allow sniper packets to be added to the match presets.

(cherry picked from commit 37fcca42de96441a1f53c11479ae7e838d121de1)
a4640d4 Merge pull request #1 from tobiasksu/sniper-packets

Add SP toggle to Advanced Match Settings, send to server/clients
913fb0b Add SP toggle to Advanced Match Settings, send to server/clients
ed03405 Create MPSniperPackets.enabled static member and use it to determine whether the game should have sniper packets or not.
67c3ae4 Update to sniper packets.

Add improved synchronization for ammo, energy, weapons in use, and weapon ammo counts.

Fix devastator trigger bug.
a4c6847 Supress Tobii errors.
10c264c Version
8b1f82a Merge pull request #22 from roncli/obs-fix

Fix observer mode first person after observed ship dies.
92b4e7b Fix observer mode first person after observed ship dies.
ba4b37e Version
ef93a30 Add player view option to observer mode, by roncli

Key binds:

All game modes:
Next/Previous primary: Cycle through player views
Fire primary: Return to default observer mode
Fire secondary: Toggle third person when in player view

CTF only:
Next secondary: Blue team flag carrier player view
Previous secondary: Orange team flag carrier player view
f3e2d43 JIP: fix joining as observer
930f466 Initial implementation of sniper packets.

Also unified olmod custom message types to a single file.
bf9ff85 Version
ebcc81e CreeperSync: fix server controlled explosions
a77e7d1 Version 0.3.1
9cf9eaa Add creeper sync support
b3a6b4b Make clients send a 'net version' to check which features they support
13de0fb JIP: Better support for joining while match starts/ends
c205738 server browser: fix compile warnings
1f9e79c Version
2746d56 Fix server browser with old game build
9305032 Disable server browser debug logging
cfb1325 Fix esc key in server browser
16bb3d3 Fix lan match / internet match after using server browser
b84bb9c Version 0.3.0
e3bb379 Added server browser by Tobias
60fae55 Prevent double initialization
4a8aa79 Fix boost reset on spawn fix
1e62254 Support for loading GameMod from Assembly-CSharp.dll
d00d6b7 Load libraries by absolute or relative path
d3c8a96 Version
7aef32c Save last IP address in profile in new Overload version
41f4957 Fix changed access to mms_match_password in new Overload version
59176eb Remove olmod suggestion in olmod
9a903f4 Version
cc5a51b Use new unsupported match message for regular game
caf6aad JIP: Enable MatchStateMsg for regular game for new build
1eba8ab Always allow one player to start a match
1a8b51d Clean up create/join again handling
6978d92 Clarify matchmaker log message Media Player