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Primary Language: Visual Basic
Created: 12/13/2011 10:10:51 pm (12/13/2011)
Updated: 1/9/2019 1:09:35 am (1/9/2019)

LibWowAPI is a library for the .NET framework that interfaces with the Blizzard World of Warcraft API. The Blizzard World of Warcraft API ( is an online API that interfaces with World of Warcraft.


The LibWowAPI library is a .NET library that can be used to connect to Blizzard's World of Warcraft API. Licensed under the LGPL 3.0.

See the documentation on GitHub for information on how to use LibWowAPI in your .NET application.



- Fixed a bug with the auctions that was introduced when Blizzard changed the realm list to incorporate connected realms. Note that this is considered a breaking change: Auctions.Realm is now Auctions.Realms, and is now a collection of RealmName.
- Fixed a bug with the auctions that was introduced after Blizzard consolidated the auction houses into one realm and restructured the JSON so that auctions is no longer a collection of auction houses, but a collection of auctions. This is not a breaking change.


Introducing LibWowAPI v2.0, compatible with World of Warcraft's API as of version 6.0.3.

Recent Commits

76ea416 Initial WhiteSource configuration file
3923ff3 - Version 2.0.1
- Fixed various bugs causing auction data to crash.
- Fixes #2
fdd2a77 Fixed README formatting.
6b00f84 Include planned version for gzip support.
34ee687 Updated copyright years. Leave it to me to miss one thing from a release.
d0c9d0f Version 2.0
07ea87f Final preparations for v2.0.
6f27053 Completing unit tests.
e627524 - Various fixes to ItemLookup and related classes.
- Added ItemLookup tests.
5f5c944 Update ItemBasicInfo to include context and bonus IDs.
d3b6774 Updated Item class to add context and bonus information.
1ba9d11 Updating API exception data for new Blizzard API.
211dba0 Start on the new schema information for the item API.
76ab4bc Additional unit tests.
cf60168 Continuing with more unit tests.
55648ff - Update character talents to account for the possibility of multiple talents per slot.
- Additional unit tests.
6370cca Additional unit tests.
fa818dc - Removed references to hit rating and weapon expertise in character stats.
- Further unit tests.
78f2f47 Further update to unit tests.
f97f608 - Added ConnectedRealms property to realm objects.
- Continued work on adding unit tests.
d544e70 - Update for changes to auction house
- Add framework for unit testing.
bc9fcfb Documentation updates.
ddf2e9c Mashery update.
1a9bfb1 Use CharacterClass, Race, and PetType objects instead of IDs where applicable.
aec3a5d Disambiguate Member objects.
a3bf807 Disambiguate Stats objects.
2988e16 Disambiguate Item objects.
12fffba Disambiguate Class and Subclass objects.
9380307 Use the Realm namespace for realm-related objects.
895c1aa Upgrade to .NET 4.5.1.
fcf1f19 Check in project.
810d0a9 Merge character talents into the Data.Talent namespace.
7b62f66 Merge spec and glyph with Data.Talent namespace versions.
5091394 Finished updating IDs to be more descriptive.
5c257a5 Merge branch 'feature/5.4.7-consolidate-items'

f83db6f Finished updating consolidation of items.
f891422 Readme update.
9e74c43 Add Item Set demo.
fe8ae73 First pass at removing ID properties and replacing them with more descriptive properties.
6cd6e7f Consolidated completed achievements to the Achievements namespace.
d2e1078 Merge branch 'master' into feature/5.4.7-consolidate-items
eb09905 Update .gitignore for Sandcastle.
31833d8 First commit of consolidating items, stats, tooltip parameters, and upgrades.
f5db8d3 Consolidate various item set and set bonus classes into ItemSet.ItemSet
15e4dfb Consolidate various spell classes into Spell.Spell.
ac83363 Consolidate various character classes into Character.CharacterBasicInfo.
e1e0fce - Add item set API data.
- Add audit information to character profile.
18bbe4f Removed old PvP classes that now 404.
d62a564 Added spell lookup.
9667970 - Update item API
- Start on spell API
3e4d89b Add pet slots to character profile lookup.
c133e3a Add pets to the character profile lookup.
37aed1f Added challenge modes to guild profile.
2c28c3b - Add new PvP leaderboards.
- Some documentation cleanup.
bbcfa90 Add new pet type lookup.
b4824b0 Add new combat stats to character profile.
7f4ae56 Initial update for character profile stats.
6813a3f Update character profile PvP data to match new PvP bracket system.
2b03d8e Update progression to include timestamps, LFR kills, and flex kills.
ca17126 Complete update for character profile items.
a91b9f4 Adding more information to a character's items.
600d4bb Add family ID and family name to hunter pets.
91fc49e Refactoring for guild rewards.
f832e00 Refactor character feed and guild news to use achievement classes from the Achievement namespace.
7e6c95b - Add Total Honorable Kills for a character.
- Add time zone for realms.
b6e4a65 Update project file.
2c1577c Update namespace docs.
400f37c Refactoring for basic guild information and emblems.
970752f Add challenge mode leaderboard APIs.
1d3bb24 Make Achievement and BattlePet namespaces singular.
976b97d Update auction data to include pet data.
8861e04 Add battle pet ability, species, and stats lookups.
a7c8058 Add owner realm, suffix ID, and unique ID to auction data.
fedc9ae Add a .gitignore.
fabf2fd - Added new AchievementLookup class.
- Refactored the classes in the Data.CharacterAchievements and Data.GuildAchievements namespaces to use the schema in the Achievements namespace instead. Now the AchievementLookup, CharacterAchievements, and GuildAchievements class all use the same schema and LibWowAPI objects to represent individual achievements.
- Improved exception handling.
- Added Achievement Lookup to the demo project.
e2cadea Update internationalization to include Italian and fix English (EU).
6f7dd8e Adding changes for hunter pets and mounts. Battle pets will come later.
8be006d Update README.markdown
daa9adb Update README.markdown
aacbfd5 Version 1.1
- Projects now using .NET 4.5.
- Readmes updated.
- Updated documentation project.
d104cc1 Removed a stray .user file.
60001a7 Fixed bugs, updated demo project.
a184ca7 Fixed bug with Daylight Savings Time.
27853e7 5.0.4 updates to the library complete.
743d575 5.0.4 updates to the library complete.
b33e84b Update for 5.0.4 patch.
- Project updated to Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5.
- LibWowAPIDemo still under construction. - Item subclass enumeration needs to be updated for 5.0.4.
- New fields in Item API are not yet represented.
7d3d91b - Added icon and criteria information to achievements.
- Added new trigger property to item spells in item lookups.
- Updated item set property in item lookups. This used to be an integer, but now it is an object instead.
bc32f4c Version 1.0.4
- Added PvpZoneStatus enumeration to describe a realm's PvP zone status, and updated the realm status lookup accordingly.
- Added item socket bonus to the item lookup.
- Added page number and sort order to the arena ladder lookup.
- Added number of characters, page number, and sort order to the rated battleground ladder lookup.
- Added battlegroup to the character profile lookup.
- Added battlegroup to the guild profile lookup.
335cdc8 Version 1.0.3
adc91f2 Added new Rated Battleground Ladder class.
- Fixed typos in some C# example code pieces.
- Moved PvP/Schema/ladder to PvP/Schema/arenaTeamLadder to remove ambiguity from PvP/Schema/ratedBattlegroundLadder.
- Fixed typo in internationalization comments that referenced the wrong Chinese URL.
0879ff5 Added newest realm status data, Wintergrasp and Tol Barad PvP zones.
bd89fbe Merge branch 'master' of
68d4881 Minor change to Sandcastle project
7e67017 Added Recipe.RecipeLookup to the list of provided classes.
fcfbed5 Version 1.0.2
- Added new RecipeLookup class.
- Changed some misspellings in comments.
331692c Recommiting source to v1.0.1.
04eaf4e Moving directory structure.

- Moved src directory into the root.
- Eliminated bin directory, binaries are now under downloads on Github.
f6805a8 Update README.markdown
3cf1f6b Update README.markdown
fb618e5 Initial commit of version 1.0.1. Media Player