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Descent DSN Client

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Primary Language: HTML
Created: 6/25/2015 3:12:23 pm (6/25/2015)
Updated: 1/5/2019 2:19:57 am (1/5/2019)

The client portion of the Descent Dedicated Server Network.

Recent Commits

d12e26e Update packages.
e2c3fcb Initial WhiteSource configuration file
6ce006c Bug fix for write settings queue.
5b1963b Additional updates, working on getting a stable client/service release.
b981550 A number of things that were updated since the last time I looked at this.
1268543 Fixed a bug with quick launching servers.
1db6d63 Fixed another bug with the safeexec RegExp extension.
2f214a9 Quick launching servers.
f45d004 Start work on saving server settings.
5c66957 Dashboard functionality.
625c969 Complete scoreboard functionality.
a9233fc Starting on the event log.
d6e2709 Anarchy scores now displayed on the client.
b5bd66c Get game data flowing to the client.
c66d6bb Starting work on server-side game tracking.
d9dce86 Starting on the programming behind the console.
aea9dde Better handle servers starting and stopping, and be able to refresh the webpage without losing the console.
914943b Launched servers consoles are now readable.
2dc0d7a Missions settings should not be in the repository.
d2a4f9c Add objects allowed, and add launch server page.
772a6aa Add allowed objects tab.
3dcfc57 Complete game options.
c81115c Starting work on game settings.
9c6306a Add player colors CSS. Colors provided by coolchris, and lightened towards white by 50%.
99845c7 Package updates.
b1ec919 Formatting updates.
57ec169 Add the table for GameSpy trackers.
b46818f Add server page mostly functional, need to add trackers.
edced27 Start work on the add server page.
c6c2cf4 Add Descent 3 path setting, get communication going.
8d8e43e Starting to switch to angular.
f4af783 Adding stability with clusters and domains.
04edde0 Add a way to force quit the server, and add a news tab.
4154492 First code commit, adding framework for websocket communication and initial menu templates.
eb686fe Initial commit Media Player