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Descent 3 Launcher

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Primary Language: JavaScript
Created: 6/14/2015 1:24:11 am (6/14/2015)
Updated: 8/28/2020 12:59:53 am (8/28/2020)

A cross-platform launcher for Descent 3 dedicated servers implemented in node.js.



- Change `gamename` to `gameName`.
- Change `permissable` to `permissible`. However, the .cfg options is still named `Permissable`, as that is a misspelling within the game itself.
- Added `superlaser` to the allowed primary weapons list.
- Added documentation.
- Code cleanup per JSlint.


- Change `killgoal` to `killGoal`.
- Add `remoteAdmin` and `remoteAdminPass` options.
- Fix bug with `remoteConsolePort` causing an error.


- Initial version.

Recent Commits

7e0a659 Initial WhiteSource configuration file
f73eb05 Fix omega cannon to be disabled by default.
ed35fb2 Documentation casing fix.
e9be590 Merge branch 'master' of
d3125b6 Add keywords.
a467ccc Version 0.1.2.
70ee4c7 Change gamename to gameName, permissable to permissible, add superlaser, and include documentation. Also, some JSlint cleanup.
6ff1c4a Fix a documentation fail.
5546455 Change killgoal to killGoal, add remoteAdmin and remoteAdminPass options, fix bug with remoteConsolePort causing an error.
3a97db2 Initial code commit.
ce187c0 Initial commit Media Player