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Primary Language: JavaScript
Created: 10/6/2016 12:29:16 am (10/6/2016)
Updated: 8/7/2019 3:19:58 am (8/7/2019)

Consolidated stats from the DCL, used by the Self-Destruct Sequence podcast.



DCL Stats is no longer a command-line application, and now runs via the [Electron]( framework. Simply input the dates desired and get the stats.

Below is the Windows binary. Simply unzip to the directory of your choosing and run `DCL Stats.exe`.

Recent Commits

850c476 Migrate WhiteSource configuration file to json format
3528b48 Dependency upgrades and other housekeeping.

Fixes #2.
83b3826 Initial WhiteSource configuration file
a796539 Fix errors with parsed date.
6fe49f7 Change to Electron app!
a61fae6 Return to a 1 week period, and highlight close games.
a41fcfe Initial commit.

* Note this is currently taking the last *8* days of DCL action, from Saturday 12:00am to next week Saturday 11:59pm. This is for episode 35 only, and will be reverted to Sunday 12:00am to Saturday 11:59pm for the next episode.
e1c7e81 Initial commit Media Player