Daniel Seko1 Andersson
Thomas drq Andersson
Kevin Gopher Chow
Ronald roncli Clifford
Peter Decibelter Enroth
Troupe Gammage
Martin slammy Kilner
Staffan Melin
Justin HomesickAlien Neme
Nicklas Nifflas Nygren
Per Einar Zepsi Skavhaug
Mark Network19 Spurgeon
Red m0d/RedHeat Tuby

Outpost Music

Outpost Music was a music group based in the old tracker scene of the late '90's. It was founded in 1999 by slammy and Seko1, and became dormant around 2006.

Throughout the course of its life, Outpost Music released 4 music disks, and released 71 singles, not counting the singles on the original site which were lost when Outpost transferred over to its own domain. It also played host to three general music competitions, and two knockout-style competitions.


Music Disks

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Download all 71 Outpost singles in one zip.

Outpost History according to slammy

In the beginning

In 1999, the two founding members, Seko and me decided on starting up a music group. After many names were discussed, Outpost was finally agreed upon. Roncli soon joined our cause and so Outpost was born. We set up our first homepage, and began with releasing music. Releasing was slow, and our homepage was dreadful, but we didn't care too much. We didn't have any direction as a group. This was the first time I had been in a group, never mind being a senior member and founder. I was invited to join Hellven soon after the formation Outpost and Seko was already a member of Decade Music. Roncli, on the other hand, was in the middle of something way bigger than Outpost, Hellven and Decade all put together, Trax In Space, while it was at the height of its reign. More members joined Outpost. I had made a few invitations, which were accepted. Melvyl (now mv) came aboard, as did Drq, Sonic Range and Larph. It was decided that we try our first music disk, Voyage (available in the disks section). This was a success as a disk, as it featured some quality songs from me, Seko, Roncli, Larph, SonicRange, Drq and Melvyl. Apart from the disk, Outpost wasn't going anywhere. I was too involved with his membership in Hellven, Seko strayed into his writers block, reallife took ahold of Roncli. Melvyl departed from Outpost just before the release of Voyage. In 2000, we got Zionic on board, however he released zero songs, and later decided he needed a group which would only release his style of songs. He still searches to this day. In the later half of 2000, I decided to leave Hellven, after Melvyl announced he was going to "shrink" Hellven. I never discussed whether I was one of the people Melvyl intended to expel from his group with Melvyl, I just figured it was the best time to depart and concentrate on Outpost, before finding out if he was getting pushed out of Hellven or not. Personal problems for myself also had me retire then famously come back within weeks.

Turbulent Times

2001 was a bad year for Outpost. It saw close to one release, the homepage taking a dive into what must have looked like complete crap. Music disk ideas were thrown about, and nothing became of them. 2001 also saw the departure of Larph and Sonic range...this was also the year we lost Zionic. Leaving just myself, Seko, Roncli and Drq. Seko slowly fading into obscurity too. A new web page was launched, as I decided it was time to get Outpost back on track, complete with a new direction, our first direction. The new webpage, was, however, crap, didn't work properly and the half hearted revival from myself was short lived. Evolution music disk was thought up in this time though, during a meeting with Drq, Seko and me. My plan, was for a 2001 release. Again, not to happen. Seko also decided he would step down from Outpost. I convinced him to stay on however, even though he is currently inactive. Drq took up Seko's role as a senior member, although Seko still is one. We gained Melin into the group in the later half of the year, but his education, had to take priority during the educational months, until he returned home, in June 2002.

Oh Canada

At the end of 2001, I moved from England, to Canada. This coincided with a fresh motivation. Anders Akerheden agreed to guest on Evolution. Songs came in slow for Evolution still, and it wasn't until May it was finally released. During the time inbetween, we aquired a new member, Zepsi. Zepsi managed to get a song submitted for Evolution, Anders Akerheden had 2 submitted for guest releases on Evolution. Roncli had released his first song in quite some time, and AT LAST, a webpage which actually looks good and works too. I suddenly had this huge urge to make Outpost work. So far, so good. Enthusiasm is bigger than it ever was. The initiative was taken to register with Ojuice and start announcing our big news, such as the launch of Evolution and the launch of our first ever compo. This news was also released on NoError. Evolution was released on May 29th, MY birthday, and features songs from Anders Akerheden, Roncli, me and Zepsi. The Outpost Music compo was launched on June 1st, and the team have been very enthusiastic about it. Judging started as early as the 5th entry being received. From a whole year of collecting a miserable 500 hits on our webpage, in 2 months we've got 1700 hits and still rising, getting between 50 and 100 on good days. People are now aware of us and we've fully established ourselves onto the scene.


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