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The Nightstalker is my artist alias. All of my releases are generally listed under the full name roncli, The Nightstalker.

I compose a wide variety of styles, ranging from new age to pop to electronic. You can find my latest releases below, or you can follow me on SoundCloud.

From 1997 to 2004, I composed primarily in ModPlug Tracker, with help from other audio applications as needed. As of late 2004, I moved to using Reason to better improve quality. The main goal of my music is to improve upon my musical production knowledge, so that my music may take on a new dimension of life.

My music has been described as "powerful", "melodic", and "emotional". It is not often I push the boundaries of music. I merely strive to make my music as enjoyable to as many people as possible.

Outpost Music

I am a member of Outpost Music, a dormant music group from the tracker scene era, which as a group released 4 music disks and 71 single releases between 1999 and 2006.

The Nightstalker's Latest Music

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