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The Observatory

Season 10

July 7, 2018 through August 4, 2018
The tenth season of The Observatory included four episodes featuring Descent matches spanning a regular season of 3 weeks and the tournament finals in the fourth week.
Qualifier 1 - Saturday, July 7th, 2018, 5 PM ET/2 PM PT
Qualifier 2 - Saturday, July 14th, 2018, 5 PM ET/2 PM PT
Qualifier 3 - Saturday, July 21st, 2018, 5 PM ET/2 PM PT
Finals Tournament - Saturday, August 4th, 2018, 5 PM ET/2 PM PT

Qualifier 1

Note: This qualifier was shortened to 3 rounds due to low player turnout.

Round 1

Jediluke 20 melvin 9 Pillbox x5
Drakona 20 Phyrex 12 Crimson

Round 2

Jediluke 20 Drakona 14 Ascend
melvin 20 Phyrex 9 Lurk x2

Round 3

Jediluke 20 Phyrex 6 Pillbox x5
melvin 20 Drakona 9 Take2

Qualifier 2

Round 1

Jediluke 20 Morfod 7 Wrath x5
Lee 20 Lady Silver 16 Kokoro

Round 2

Jediluke 20 Lady Silver 4 Lurk
Morfod 20 Lee 10 Crimson

Round 3

Jediluke 20 Lee 3 Pillbox x5
Morfod 20 Phyrex 13 Athena

Round 4

Jediluke 20 Phyrex 1 Ascend x5
Morfod 20 Lady Silver 7 Crimson

Qualifier 3

Note: This qualifier was shortened to 3 rounds due to low player turnout.

Round 1

Jediluke 20 Code 11 Intel
Lee 20 Phyrex 14 GI Jane's Playground

Round 2

Code 20 Phyrex 8 Crimson
Jediluke 20 Lee 4 Ascend x5

Round 3

Jediluke 20 Phyrex 5 Wrath x5
Code 20 Lee 12 Ethylene
Pos Pilot Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Total
1 Jediluke 12 (3-0) 16 (4-0) 12 (3-0) 40
2 Morfod - 10 (3-1) - 10
T-3 melvin 7 (2-1) - - 7
T-3 Code - - 7 (2-1) 7
5 Lee - 3 (1-2) 3 (1-2) 6
6 Drakona 3 (1-2) - - 3
T-7 Lady Silver - 0 (0-3) - 0
T-7 Phyrex 0 (0-3) 0 (0-2) 0 (0-3) 0
3) Code 26
5) Drakona 17
1) Jediluke 27
3) Code 15
4) Lee 27
6) Phyrex 21
2) melvin 24
4) Lee 16
1) Jediluke 37
2) melvin 23
General Rules
The verison of Retro to use will be 1.4X6. It does not require manual tracker configuration. Download DXX Retro 1.4X6. If you're not sure how to install Retro, please visit

Swiss Qualifiers
The first three qualifiers will use a 4-round Swiss tournament system. Players may join or leave the tournament at any time. Every player will choose three home levels that they will play as their home levels throughout the entire season. Any Descent 1 level can be used, but roncli has the right to deny a level if it has excessive 4D content, is too heavy on mega missiles, has visually unpleasing aesthetics, or is otherwise difficult to observe and commentate. Also, a player may not select a level they selected last season and was played during the event. When matchups are made, one player will play in one of their home levels as picked by their opponent.

After every qualifier, players will have an opportunity to replace one of their home levels with a new one, provided the new home level meets the criteria of other home levels. There is no limit to how many times you can use a level throughout the season, so if you take a level out after Qualifier 1, you could bring it back for the Finals Tournament. Level changes will be made manually, and participants will be given the means with which how to replace levels after a qualifier is completed.

Games in the qualifiers are contested under DCL rules, which means games are to 20, win by 2. Cloak and invulnerability powerups should be banned if they exist in the level. See, under the Match Structure section. In addition to DCL rules, the host of the game must open up the game a minimum of 4 observers.

At the end of the tournament, players are awarded a number of Season Points equal to 3 times the number of games they won PLUS the total number of games won by each of the opponents they beat in the tournament.

Finals Tournament
Four players will be invited to join the Finals Tournament based on their Season Points total. Prior to the Finals Tournament, an anarchy game will be played to determine the fifth and sixth spots, and will feature any players tied in the 5th position and enough players under them to have at least 4 pilots in the match, down to and including the 8th position along with any ties. Game is played to 10 times the number of players involved, and the level to be used will be agreed to by the pilots involved. Primaries are to be duplicated at x2 for 3 to 4 players, x3 for 5 to 6 players, and x4 for 7 to 8 players.

The tournament will be a single elimination knockout tournament. Home levels will remain the same as they were throughout the season, with one final home level swap allowed prior to the tournament. In the quarterfinals and semifinals, the highest seeded player chooses an opponent from the two lowest seeds available in that round, meaning in the quarterfinals, the #3 seed chooses whether to play the #5 or #6 seed.

Rounds are decided by a combined score home-and-home series. Each game is played to 15 in the quarterfinals and the semifinals, and 20 in the finals, with no win by 2 rule in effect. Cloak and invulnerability powerups are still banned. The match can be ended when it is impossible for one player to win the series without the involvement of suicides. If there is no winner after two games, then a new game is played. The lower seeded player may choose to select a different level from the higher seed's set of home levels. The game is played to 5, win by 2.


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