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Descent DXX-Retro Downloads

Catherine "Drakona" Darrow maintains the source port of Descent 1 and 2 known as DXX-Retro. The current official version is 1.3.

However, there are three experimental versions currently in the wild that are considered to be stable versions, and are used in both DCL and Descent Rangers games. One is compiled from the official source and is labeled as version 1.4X3. The second is a version I compiled on top of the 1.4X3 code that is compatible with 1.4X3 and contains a mouse fix that has been merged into the main code, but has not been released into a new version yet.

The third version is 1.4X6, a new experimental version that contains the mouse fix, and more importantly introduces an all new observer mode. This mode allows you to observe multiplayer games, allowing you to fly through walls and see everything going on.

You can download these experimental versions here. Note that only Windows versions are currently available. All of these downloads are licensed by the D1X-Rebirth License.

Mouse Fix Details

The mouse fix was created when it was discovered that the framerate of the game exceeded the rate at which the library used by Descent could poll the position of the mouse. Since movement is capped per frame, you'd have frames where the mouse was seen in the same position successively, resulting in sluggish movement. The fix is something called "mouse smoothing", or as known in 1.4X3 "mouse overrun buffer". Basically, any mouse input that exceeds the pyro turn rate is added to a buffer and applied to the next frame. The size of the buffer is 1/16th of a second per tick on the slider, up to 1 full second.

The mouse fix has been integrated in source code and will be included in the next experimental release of DXX-Retro. Here is a video that walks through where to find the settings.

Latest Experimental Retro

Latest version: 1.4X6

Retro often undergoes rapid development, and as such there can be nightly builds that add features and fix issues found with the game. You can get the latest version at


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