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Descent Dedicated Server Network

Descent Dedicated Server Network - or Descent DSN - is designed to be a solution for Descent dedicated server operators who want to run dedicated servers on demand. This means that potential players can go to a central website, select the options they want for their game, and then have their requested server be launched on a remote server that is setup on the network. Written in node.js, Descent DSN is designed to be cross-platform.

Initially, Descent DSN will release with support for Descent 3. I would like to include support for Descent and Descent 2, but those games do not currently have dedicated server support yet. Future plans do include adding Descent: Underground support.

Planned Releases


The first release will be for the client only. This will include the Descent DSN client, a fully-featured dedicated server manager. You can start Descent 3 games, and follow along with detailed scoreboards for all 9 of the stock game types. Logs are kept so that you can see how prior games progressed. GUI access to server settings will be given, along with direct console access for power users.


The second release will bring Descent DSN to the web, allowing players to view games being played on the network. A chat window will be provided per game that will allow players to communicate with people outside of the game. Server operators will be able to control their servers through the network, so that they do not have to be in front of their server to make changes to their server.


The third release will bring the full power of the network, allowing players to start their own dedicated servers.

Future Versions

While future versions past v0.3 are not yet planned, additional features will be considered as the software grows.

Related Projects

The following projects have been created in support of the Descent Dedicated Server Network:

Descent 3 Launcher - A node.js module that launches Descent 3 servers.
Descent 3 Console - A node.js module that connects to remote Descent 3 consoles.
Descent 3 MN3 Tools - A node.js module that parses Descent 3 mission files.
Descent DSN Client - The client portion of Descent DSN with a dedicated server manager.


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