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Numbers is an action puzzle game with a simple, one-button play style. Simply press a button to launch your number to the top of the screen. Score points based on the value of the numbers touching horizontally or vertically. But watch out! If a number lands next to the same number either horizontally or vertically, it's game over! Clear columns and watch out for bonus tiles for big points.


Numbers.msi - Windows Installer for v1.0.0.


Numbers is based on a program I found in an old magazine back in the late '80's. Since then, I've used it to learn computer languages. I've created versions in Mac's QBasic, Visual Basic 6, VB.NET, and Objective C. The version available here is the VB.NET version.

In its essence, it's a score attack action puzzler. You can theoretically play forever, although the game's leveling mechanics make that nearly impossible. You start with the numbers 1 through 9. Based on your score, you level up, the speed increases, and the value of the available numbers increases. However, the low end increases faster than the high end, so for instance at level 18 you only have the numbers 18, 19, and 20 available to play, making it extremely difficult to play without getting two numbers touching.

Here's the scoring:
  • When a number is launched and ends up touching nothing else, you score the value of the tile.
  • When a number is launched and ends up touching other numbers, you score the formula x * (y + 1), where x is the value of the tile, and y is the sum of the values of the tiles it is touching horizontally and vertically.
  • When you reach the bottom of the screen with a stack of tiles, you gain 1000 points the first time, 2000 points the second time, etc.
Occasionally, you'll get bonus tiles of 50 or, more rarely, 100. With the multiplicative factor in the scoring, this makes those tiles quite valuable.


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