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Coding What You Want!
CodeShare is a show that I run on Twitch every Monday at 6 PM PT on my Twitch channel. Basically, I code what you want! Everything that I write as part of the show will be made available as open source software on GitHub.


Current Project
Hyperdrive Toolkit
A collection of tools designed to empower streamers to easily create advanced content for their streams and better manage their community. Currently being created entirely on the show.
Quadra An addictive action puzzle game with single player and multiplayer capabilities. The latest version was ported to Windows on the show.
Descent DSN The Descent Dedicated Server network. Portions of this was written on the show.
ChatterGrid An application to easily create and share custom soundboards. Created entirely on the show.
FusionBot A Discord bot used by The Observatory to regulate matches. Portions of this was written on the show.

Supporting the Show

Supporting the show is entirely optional. However, should you choose to support the show, you can do so at my Patreon page.

The Code from the Show

All of the code written on the show will be available on GitHub. Further, I will try to keep up with writing a summary of each of the projects I work on here as well!

Requesting Code

While I would like to work on all requests, the truth is I simply cannot commit to every request that comes in. To help with this, please note the following rules and restrictions:

  • Requests will typically be handled on a first come, first serve basis. Occasionally, however, I will open up what the next project should be to a straw poll.
  • Requests made by Patreon subscribers and stream donators will be considered first.
  • I will not take requests for commercial software. All software on CodeShare will be released as open source... that's kind of the point of the show!
  • Large requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but typically I will not take on projects that will span multiple shows, unless I find something extremely compelling about the request.
  • Any bugs found in the software should be filed as an issue on the associated GitHub project. These bugs may be handled offline.
  • Requests will be rejected if they do not follow Wheaton's Law: Don't be a dick!
Requests can be made at


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