Coding What You Want!
CodeShare was a show that I ran on Twitch. Basically, I coded what you want! Everything that I wrote as part of the show has been made available as open source software on GitHub.
Although I don't run this show anymore, I still do coding projects from time to time on my Twitch channel. Typically, I only work on open source projects on my stream.


A collection of tools designed to empower streamers to easily create advanced content for their streams and better manage their community.
Project started on the show, but remains incomplete.
An addictive action puzzle game with single player and multiplayer capabilities.
The latest version was ported to Windows on the show.
The Descent Dedicated Server network.
Portions of this was written on the show, but remains incomplete.
An application to easily create and share custom soundboards.
Created entirely on the show.
A Discord bot used by The Observatory to regulate matches.
Portions of this was written on the show.


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