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Programming has been a hobby of mine since I was a child. I am entirely self-taught, and have managed to carve out a career in the field that spans over fifteen years.

Initially, I worked with BASIC on the TI 99/4A, Atari 130XE, and the Commodore 64 and 128. This transitioned easily to Mac OS 7's QBasic. Then I learned Microsoft Visual Basic 4 through 6 and starting making small programs and games. My first two programming jobs involved me learning Microsoft Access, with all kinds of back-end VBScript.

In 1998, I got heavily interested in web technology, and took a dive into HTML and JavaScript. Soon, I'd pick up Visual Basic.NET, C#, and ASP.NET. I was then able to transition my HTML knowledge to the modern HTML5 browser. My JavaScript experience also readied me for learning Node.js. Along the way I've picked up a bunch of PHP and C/C++ as well somehow.

In many ways, I consider the core concept of coding to come quite naturally to me. You simply break a task down into smaller and smaller tasks. What really fascinates me about coding, however, is how you can put all these simple tasks together to do something phenomenal.

I am involved in many projects outside of my professional career that involve programming in some way. This page is dedicated to showcasing those projects.

Current Projects

Commits and Releases

Get with the times, there's 5 home maps, not 3!
Fixes with Spotify.
CTF respawn time should be 2 seconds.
Released v0.3.5
Alpha testing.
(4 total commits)
Alpha testing.
(4 total commits)
Version 0.3.5.
Fix various bugs reported by the logger.
Remove error if it's ECONNABORTED.
Fix various bugs.
(2 total commits)
Package updates.
Error fixing, package updates, run ads when "BRB" is activated.
Reduce initial primary spawn in classic mode from 30-60 seconds to 15-30 seconds. Remove 8 player cap for weapon count lerping.
Fix bugs with classic and new primary spawns.
Silence weapon swap on player spawn, fix impulse priority in non-classic.
(2 total commits)
Version 0.3.3.
(2 total commits)
Swap weapons/missiles to highest priority on spawn.
Autoselect updates from luponix.

- removed Highest/Pickup option
- fixed NextLastMissileBasedOnPriority
- cleaned up a bunch of by now unnecessary code
- we now allow secondary swap regardless of standard primary autoselect option
- dual laser will get swapped for everything
- enabling the primary autoselect will set the standard primary autoselect option to never
(2 total commits)
Mark impulse as picked up when you get Impulse++Q.
Fix bug with devastator selected warning going off multiple times.
Fixes related to primaries mod, and removing code from Classic that's no longer necessary.
Fixes to classic mode so that single player is not affected.
(2 total commits)
Move TinyMCE locally since they decided to disable old versions on their CDN. Not a good look, TinyMCE.
Through December 2020.
Package update, eslint update.
Increase width of server version output in lobby.
(3 total commits)
Released v5.0.0
Package update.
Released v1.2.3
Package updates. Version 1.2.3.
Package updates. Version 1.2.3.
Fix bug when new season starts.
Update eslint, minify, and package.json. Version 5.0.0.
Code cleanup, fix devastator autoselect detection.
Slightly more intelligent modding detection.
Adds the Weapon Auto Selection Mod
(18 total commits)
Get scroll wheel/page up/page down/arrow buttons to work on multiplayer customize menu for all 4 options.
Prevent profile corruption when swapping to autoselect menu.
Merge pull request #2 from overload-development-community/autoselect

Compilation & formatting fixes.
(3 total commits)
revert ui changes and fix swap behaviour
(2 total commits)
Attempt at a work around for invisible ship JIP issues.
Merge pull request #1 from overload-development-community/autoselect

Add files to csproj, fix compile issues from usings.
Add support for Box Lava Normal and Box Lava Alien (particle effect) entities.
(2 total commits)
Add options for classic weapon spawns and for no boosting while flag carrying.
Make game search do a starts with search.
Version 2.0.3.
Update packages, fix eslint.
Through November 2020.
Add CTM scene.
(2 total commits)
Send correct content type for JS and CSS.
Through October 2020.
Use igdb-api-node instead of home grown IGDB library.
(4 total commits)
Package updates.
Package updates.
(4 total commits)
Package updates, typing definition additions and fixes.
Package updates.
No longer using Whitesource.
(2 total commits)
Fix Safari icon, remove Common reference in index.
Update visibility type

According to, `visibility` is a number that can be either 0 or 1. In discord-oauth2, this is currently a `string`, which does not match.

This commit updates the typings for discord-oauth2 to match Discord's documentation. Media Player