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LibBeImba 0.1 beta released

Posted Wednesday, September 24th, 2008 9:18:00 pm
With everything nearly back to normal in Houston, I'm back to working on my guild's website.

In the course of doing so, I recently added the ability to pull scores from the BeImba website for use on my website. The admin over there just recently opened up a SOAP API, which took me a matter of an hour or so to create something to interface with it.

Well, I took things a step further. I took out the portion of the code from the website and made it its own project called LibBeImba. After playing around and tweaking things, I got to the point where I thought the library should be available to the public.

The result? A CodePlex project for LibBeImba. It was pretty straightforward for me to create the project, upload the source via SVN, and create its first release.

Currently, I use it to capture all of my level 70 guild members' scores once a day and store the information in a database. Then the website can query that information and display it in any number of ways. I hope to get a graph up on individual users' pages, but that might be a while before I can get around to that.

In any case, if you're a .NET coder interested in getting BeImba scores for your World of Warcraft guild, this is the library you need. Check it out.


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