WTF did Revival Productions just do?

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Over the course of the last week, OTL player JazzyJet found this, Voyager: Ascension by RFLXT, owned by World Enterprises LLC - no link because I can't find any presence of this company on the Internet. It was notable to him because the trailer was, to use JazzyJet's words, "just footage from Overload".

Upon pointing this out, RFLXT replied saying that they have "licensed the game from Revival".

"...for web3 use."

I'm sorry, what?

Turns out, RFLXT is working on some tech called the Digital Double avatar. The long and short of it seems to be that they aim to offer this Digital Double avatar to people, which is essentially an AI that mimics the person. I surmise that their short term goal is to get a somewhat deep game catalog going, and then eventually integrate this avatar into these games somehow. Buzzwords thrown around by RFLXT on their website include "web3", "AI", "blockchain", "metaverse", and "NFT". To quote fellow OTL pilot Doctor Tasty, "we have a royal flush, folks."

Getting back to the game at hand, Voyager: Ascension is essentially a free-to-start, 1 to 1 copy of Overload. There are some differences, including some mysterious currency called V Points for killing bots and collecting some items, a slightly different story, changed voice lines that some believe are done by AI rather than voice actors, a reference to an unimplemented season pass, and the ability to unlock all levels for $9.99 (may also be unimplemented as of this writing). There are also a number of bugs that have been found in Voyager: Ascension that don't exist in the base game. But the levels are the same, and the menus and game look and feel like Overload. In short, it is a very low-effort copy.

Now, I'm not here to shit on this game, and if this ends up being some players' first experience with 6DoF, it's not a bad start into the genre. I'm not going to suggest that you should run out and get this game either, though. What I do want to do, however, is look at this from a neutral perspective and evaulate the chances that something like this has to succeed.

First of all, this is a Six Degrees of Freedom First-Person Shooter. By itself, this is one of my favorite genres. However, when considering whether this is going to be a commercially viable game, you have to look at the genre as a whole, which I did recently in my Six'd Off announcement video. If you're going to do a new 6DoF FPS, it needs to offer something unique in terms of gameplay. Slapping on these royal flush buzzwords - or honestly adding any social features from the past 30 years - is not going to help the game do any better than Overload. The gameplay itself needs to be new, exciting, and offer something different. This game does none of that so far.

Second of all, the fact that this is practically a 1 to 1 copy of Overload means you're not going to get too many players wanting to pay twice for the same game, especially to two different companies. Maybe they have plans to radically change the game, and are just putting out a tech demo of sorts, but there is no indication anywhere that this is what they are doing.

Third, you're associating your game with these royal flush buzzwords that most sensible people on the Internet associate with words like "scam", "grift", and other terms that generally keep smarter people away from ventures such as this. Sure, some people will be excited over this, but these are likely to be the same people who have been rug pulled at least once in their life.

Releasing a game in an unpopular genre, when the game is just a copy of a game already released in said genre, attaching web3 features to it, and then expecting cash to pour in to your business is like multiplying 0.01% by 0.01% by 0.01% and expecting to get 100%. Voyager: Ascension's existence makes absolutely no business sense to me, and I have to imagine that this game is not going to last very long once they figure this out. The company behind it surely won't last long if they don't.

Which leads me to the title of this post. WTF did Revival Productions just do? At best, they've opened the door for web3 to invade the 6DoF space for a quick cash grab. At worst, they've knowingly involved their product and brand with technologies that many consider to be the morally worst technologies on the planet. And this is to speak nothing about what it's done for the modding community. With olmod under an MIT license, all RFLXT would have to do to use olmod code in Voyager: Ascension is to include that license with their product. I know I don't want to be writing software for free for a web3 company, and I imagine most of the other developers on the modding team would agree. This puts us in an extremely tough situation, and I honestly don't know what to do about this. Do we try to license the source code ourselves somehow? Do we change the license on olmod? Do we just close up shop and call it a day and let Revival and RFLXT do whatever they want?

I certainly didn't have "Overload but with web3 features" on my 2024 bingo card.

I think Revival Productions owes the Overload community an explanation here, and what we should expect from both them and RFLXT moving forward.

Update (4/30/2024):

Matt Toschlog posted the following to the Overload Discord. It confirms that they weren't trying to do anything malicious by licensing the code to RFLXT (also, it appears Refactor Games is doing most of the development on Voyager: Ascension) and were simply looking to gain back some of their losses while working on Overload. Unfortunately, I think no amount of statement from Revival is going to unmuddy the waters that is the modding situation. Hopefully it becomes a non-issue, but it is always something we're going to have to kep an eye on in the future. Here is the full statement:

Overload fans,

We've been following the conversation on this server about the release of Voyager Ascension and realized (a little late) that we should make a statement.

Voyager Ascension is, obviously, based on Overload. We licensed the game to RFLXT about a year ago after they approached us about making a Web3 version of the game. (And, as has been surmised, the person who instigated the deal was Alan Pavlish, who was an exec at Interplay when they published Descent.)

We're not experts in Web3 and crypto and don't have much interest in moving into that world. But we did think it was an interesting idea and we were happy to sign the deal. Overload was a labor of love for us, and while it was one of most fun and satisfying projects we've worked on, it was not a financial success. Even with the licensing fees for Voyager Ascension we've lost a significant amount of money on this project. (Which is fine. Embarking on a new project is always a risk.)

When we licensed Overload to RFLXT we insisted that any Web3 version be released under a different name to avoid confusion with the original game. One of the great things to come out of the Overload project is the enthusiastic community that's developed around it, and we didn't want the licensed game to affect that. Voyager Ascension will exist in its world, and Overload can continue with its own dedicated base.

If any of you decide to check out Voyager Ascension we'd be happy to hear what you think. We hope it's successful. And maybe it will even bring some new players to Overload.

Thanks again for your support.

Matt Toschlog & Mike Kulas
Revival Productions


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Ronald M. Clifford

I've never had as much fun on comms for a Tetris match as I did tonight with NinjaOfNinjas for the silver bracket semis and finals. What a show!

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Ronald M. Clifford

Logan Paul didn't qual for silver unfortunately. πŸ™ƒ

Reply Boost Favorite
Ronald M. Clifford

I'm not done! I'll be casting the later rounds of the silver bracket today at 6:30 PM Pacific at Cya there!

Reply Boost Favorite
Ronald M. Clifford

I'll be live casting qualifiers today for CTWC at at 1 PM Pacific and at 3:30 PM Pacific. This year's CTWC is the craziest yet so don't miss it!

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Ronald M. Clifford

Public restrooms are funny.

Reply Boost Favorite
Ronald M. Clifford

The golden state, more like the blackened state. πŸ”₯

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Ronald M. Clifford

Just a note to everyone out there who still believes 2020 hasn't ended that today is Unquinquaginember 21st, 2020.

Reply Boost Favorite
Ronald M. Clifford

Burritos can be used for bribing if necessary. 🌯 :)

Reply Boost Favorite
Ronald M. Clifford

@shanselman Who at Microsoft do I have to bribe to fix ADO so that those of us on dark mode who copy/paste text from one task to another can do so without our friends on light mode seeing dark text on a dark background?

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Ronald M. Clifford

I updated the blog post with a statement from Revival. While I'm not particularly happy with Revival's decision, I understand their motives. It's just a shame that it was someone from Interplay that had to go and do this. "By games for gamers" my ass.

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Ronald M. Clifford

Damn, got another Tetris world record! This time in the arcade variant developed by Atari. 6,008,005 points, 5,386 lines, round 363. Be warned, it's nearly FIVE HOURS.

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Ronald M. Clifford

I certainly didn't have "Overload but with web3 features" on my 2024 bingo card. WTF did Revival Productions just do?

Reply Boost Favorite
Ronald M. Clifford

@solitha New rule: cat tax. For every pun you post or repost, you're now required to pay the tax of posting one cute cat video.

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Ronald M. Clifford

Today was a special day. I scored 1,016,221 points in classic NES Tetris, the first time I broke the 999,999 maxout barrier.

With that maxout, I became the oldest person to get their first ever maxout at 46 years 319 days.

After I scored that, I learned that today would have been 7-time Tetris world champion Jonas Neubauer's 43rd birthday.

I am FILLED with incredible emotion tonight.

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Ronald M. Clifford

"I'm Sorry, What?!" The biggest bailout in the history of Descent II!

Reply Boost Favorite
Ronald M. Clifford

β€œBART anime merch" are three words that I would not have expected to go together, but here we are.

Reply Boost Favorite
Ronald M. Clifford

Does anyone else sing the chorus to "Cherish" by Kool & The Gang to themselves whenever they play or watch streams of Balatro? Or is that just me?

Reply Boost Favorite
Ronald M. Clifford

I'm fact that's what Lingo needs: a "phone" block. The clue is an incorrect autocorrected form of the answer. πŸ™ƒ

Reply Boost Favorite
Ronald M. Clifford

It's like my phone knows I've been playing Lingo. I typed in "exited" and my phone was all:

⬜️ EXCITED ------

Reply Boost Favorite
Ronald M. Clifford

@arborelia Bag-les.

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Ronald M. Clifford

A comparison of the classic Tetris and Descent communities. Not a post I write lightly, either.

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Aptiz played #Pentis again. In the beginning you can see roncli asking in the chat for the right version. About an hour later, he broke the #PentisRankings record with 60K ! Congratulations roncli πŸ† πŸŽ‰

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Ronald M. Clifford

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Ronald M. Clifford

Yeah, it's season 11. But the OTL Season 6 highlight reel is up, this time Fireball has taken the reins! Check out this video jam packed full of kills, deaths, silliness, and Sirius puns.

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Ronald M. Clifford

Over on , someone retweeted sympathy for the people being laid off today...

...and then said that Amazon Games was hiring. You know, the one that just had layoffs in NOVEMBER.

Honestly? Tech sucks right now.

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Ronald M. Clifford

Seriously. Why is it called Sagittarius, A Star? Clearly, it's Sagittarius, A Black Hole. Silly astronomers.

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Cultural Historian: Dr. RGST
Reply Boost Favorite
Ronald M. Clifford

This eslint/stylistic breakup is going to give me a headache. Don't developers have something better to do than give other developers busywork?

Reply Boost Favorite
Ronald M. Clifford

Bing is so bad. is being blocked in their search results, and Bing webmaster tools are absolutely useless, not telling me why it's being blocked.

Does anyone know of some way to get a human to look at this and see what's wrong with it?

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Olivia W'

it's not actually common for real hackers to use two keyboards at once; that's just a stereo type.

Reply Boost Favorite
Ronald M. Clifford

I got my wish. πŸ€’

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Ronald M. Clifford

Me and my wife, despite buying a house of nice size, always seem to get in each other's way, be it in the kitchen, on the stairs, it doesn't matter. She's all up in my two square feet.

I often joke that all I want for Christmas is my two square feet.

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Ronald M. Clifford

Update 2: The record that beat Blue Scuti stood for one day. Blue Scuti got it back.

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πŸŒͺ πŸ“‘


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Ronald M. Clifford

Update: This record stood for 1 day.

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Ronald M. Clifford

I got the honor and privilege of calling the NES Tetris NTSC world record today while running Classic Tetris Wars on my Twitch channel for the very first time. It was thrilling. Congratulations to Blue Scuti for his 6,609,220 level 153 performance.

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Reply Boost Favorite

like, you used to use a phone line to access the internet

now the internet is accessible on your phone

nothing has changed actually

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Ronald M. Clifford

Six Degrees of Sunday returns Sunday, January 7th, at Cya there!

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Ronald M. Clifford

Are you ready to get Six'd Off?

Six Degrees of Sunday, my 6DoF long play Twitch series, is getting revived for 2024. Plus, I will be producing Six'd Off, a companion YouTube series showcasing each game.

Check out the announcement for the game list and more!

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