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LibWowArmory 0.4 beta

Posted Friday, August 12th, 2011 9:34:00 pm
Well, Blizzard decided to close down the old World of Warcraft Armory at the beginning of the month. This promptly broke Six Minutes To Release, resulting in me having to code in a flurry to get a working version of LibWowArmory.

Of course, LibWowArmory is kind of a bad name for the library now. The Armory's replacement is the Blizzard WoW API. I'm going to stick with the old name just because to me it's still the Armory, just in JSON format instead of XML.

Anyway, you can get version 0.4 beta of LibWowArmory from CodePlex.

Note that the item lookup is vastly incomplete, and auction data is not downloaded yet. Those will come soon enough. Also, Blizzard is constantly developing this API, and up until recently were adding things faster than I could code them. So, this library will probably evolve pretty quickly as well.


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