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Easy Come, Easy Go

Posted Friday, March 16th, 2007 4:05:00 pm
Not too long ago I had to format Amused because the machine was apparently acting up. I'm not quite sure what happened, but apparently myPhpAdmin was not working right. Well, after formatting it, SSH wouldn't accept connections from anything outside my local network.

After playing with this for a few days, it was decided that the box would be sent to San Francisco, so that the people still involved with the project could work on it directly. This means I'm going to be short one box in the rack, which isn't a bad thing really. It was the loudest of the bunch, and for the most part was just sitting there whirring all day.

The worst part about this is going to be redoing the rack that I just set up. The HP is between the battery backup and Understudy, with Successor on top of that, so I'm going to need to take Successor and Understudy out before removing the HP, and then putting the two Windows servers back in.

The last of the parts came in this week, so I'll also be setting up Reborn and Modplug in order to fit them into the rack. The UPS will get fired up this weekend, too, and hopefully everything will be good to go once and for all.


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